Date: Tuesday, December 6
Time: 9:00am San Diego (11:00 am Mexico City; GMT/UTC – 8 hours)
Contact: Jacqueline Sanchez

Since the historic constitutional amendment of December 2013, there have been a series of important milestones along the path to reforming and modernizing Mexico’s oil and gas sector. December 5 marks the latest, and perhaps most important, test for the reform and the goals the Pena Nieto government outlined at the outset of its administration. Almost exactly three years to the date after the reform was promulgated, several large-scale projects and enormous investments in Mexico’s barely-explored deepwater will be auctioned, as will the first significant partnership opportunity with Pemex.

Join us for a webinar panel discussion featuring Jason Fargo, Latin America Team Leader at Energy Intelligence; Alejandra Leon, Director, Latin America Upstream at IHS; and, Jeremy Martin, Vice President for Energy & Sustainability at the Institute of the Americas. The webinar will be held Tuesday, December 6 at 9:00am San Diego (11:00 am Mexico City; GMT/UTC – 8 hours).

Timed to coincide with the results of the deepwater oil and gas auction in Mexico, the panel will take stock of Mexico’s energy reform with an emphasis on Pemex, the country’s upstream, and partnerships with Pemex. The panel will also assess the status of institutional advances in Mexico’s oil and gas sector.


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