Webinar: Lithium in Focus: What exactly is it, why does South America have so much of it and how should it be developed?

Webinar: Lithium in Focus: What exactly is it, why does South America have so much of it and how should it be developed?

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Lithium has increasingly captured attention as the world undergoes an energy transition. The role for lithium-ion batteries both in terms of energy storage and as a key element for the batteries that power electric vehicles has driven much of the interest and focus. Indeed, various projections point to soaring demand with some estimates predicting demand to triple by 2025. Lithium is particularly important as part of the energy transition debate in Latin America given the massive deposits in the region. The countries of Argentina, Bolivia and Chile make up the so-called Lithium Triangle and count 54% of global resources. Chile has long been a major producer, but more recently, according to the government of Argentina, investment in that country’s booming lithium market has increased tenfold over the last five years.

But does the hype match the potential? Is the market growing as rapidly as predicted? Moreover, what are the various technologies and how will Latin America’s lithium deposits be monetized? Beyond technology, are there environmental and community constraints in Latin America to consider as part of the region’s lithium outlook?

Join us for a webinar and discussion with Emily Hersh, Managing Partner at DCDB Group, and host of the Global Lithium Podcast, to help demystify the topic of lithium and what to expect in the coming months and years for Latin America’s Lithium Triangle.

The webinar and virtual panel will be held Wednesday, April 24 at 8:00am San Diego (12:00 pm Buenos Aires time; GMT/UTC – 8 hours). Her formal presentation will be followed by a Q&A session with the audience.


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Webinar: Lithium in Focus: What exactly is it, why does South America have so much of it and how should it be developed?

Webinar: Panorama Energético de América Latina y el Caribe 2018





Miércoles 8 de mayo a las 10 am (San Diego, hora estándar del Pacífico)

Durante este webinar se presentarán los principales hallazgos y resultados obtenidos del primer: “Panorama Energético de América Latina y el Caribe 2018” realizado por OLADE. Se trata de un documento invaluable en el que se presenta cuantiosa información sobre la evolución de la matriz energética de todos los países miembros de la Organización.

En el documento, se expone por primera vez en nuestra región un análisis comparativo de los resultados globales y regionales de diversos estudios prospectivos realizados por prestigiosas instituciones de todo el mundo y se realiza un estudio prospectivo regional en el que se analiza la evolución de las principales variables energéticas al año 2040.

Así mismo, el documento cuenta con un capítulo en el que se detallan los Eventos Relevantes acontecidos en el ámbito energético de la región durante el año 2017, luego se detallan con numerosos gráficos y series temporales las estadísticas e indicadores energéticos agregados de la región de América Latina y el Caribe y del Mundo así como de cada país miembro de la organización junto con un capítulo en el que se detallan los cambios recientes en la legislación, regulación y política energética de los países.

Acompáñenos a una presentación vía webinar con el Dr. Andrés Schuschny, Director de Estudios, Proyectos e Información en la Organización Latinoamericana de Energía, OLADE para escuchar y charlar sobre el Panorama Energético de América Latina y el Caribe.

El webinar se llevará a cabo el día miércoles 8 de mayo a las 10 am (San Diego, hora estándar del Pacífico). Además, de la presentación, habrá oportunidad de una sesión de preguntas y respuestas.


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April 2019

April 2019

Welcome to the April edition of Energy Panorama and our countdown to the XXVIII La Jolla Conference on May 22-23.

We are pleased to feature reports based upon discussions at our Mexico and Argentina Roundtables in February and March.

The Argentina report is part one from our two-day event and focuses on the challenges that companies face in developing Vaca Muerta, one of the world’s biggest shale plays and the first to come into large-scale production outside North America. Indeed, the resources are so vast that the production growth has turned around more than a decade of dwindling oil and natural gas output, and led to bright forecasts. But as the discussions at the roundtable underscored and are encapsulated in our report, Argentina’s notorious economic and financial volatility have stunted growth for decades. And the country is hurtling toward a presidential election in October.

Our discussions in Mexico and subsequent Roundtable report focused on an assessment of the Lopez Obrador government’s vision and outlook for energy self-sufficiency and the role for oil & gas and electricity. The Roundtable was timed to coincide with 100-day mark for the government, a useful marker to take stock of the policy proposals and implementation strategies of the new administration.

Given the timing of the event, a great deal of attention was placed on the government’s effort aimed at reducing theft and illegal taps, the so-called huachicoleo. Secretary of Safety and Citizen Security Alfonso Durazo offered closing keynote remarks and an update on the gains the government had made to address the issue of theft and losses.

Discussions also focused on a critical challenge facing the new government: recovering Mexico’s declining oil production as well as how to manage the dramatic transformation of the electric sector and cost-competitive marketplace that each day is incorporating more megawatts of clean power.

Indeed, one of the most important outcomes was the discussion of how to advance expansion of the electric sector and a possible mechanism for long term power auctions under the current market rules. Our non-resident fellow, Leonardo Beltran, synthesized the idea into an op-ed published in Reforma; the link can be found below.

As the calendar turns to May be sure to make plans to join us in La Jolla for the XXVIII La Jolla Conference on May 22-23. But make sure you arrive the afternoon of May 21st to take full advantage of the activities we have organized. And don’t forget to leave your ties at home!

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