The Institute of the Americas and The Senate of the Republic of Mexico Sign Collaboration Agreement

The Institute of the Americas and The Senate of the Republic of Mexico Sign Collaboration Agreement

Mexico City, Oct. 23, 2019. The Institute of the Americas signed a Collaboration Agreement with Mexico’s Chamber of Senators who are members of Mexico’s Commission of Health.  Senators on the Commission represent all Mexican political parties including Morena, PRI, PAN, PRD, PT, and the Movimiento Ciudadano.

The purpose of this agreement is to establish a framework for cooperation and development of inter-institutional activities in the fields of life science and biotech, as well as other fields related to health in Mexico and the United States of America.  The areas of collaboration include:  biotechnology, medical tourism, community outreach, healthcare strategies, immigrant health, among others.

Institute President, Theodore Gildred, III stated, “Signing this important agreement to collaborate with the Mexican Commission of Health is an important step in the Institute’s implementation of its Life Science & Biotech Program.  On behalf of the Institute, I am honored to enter into this collaboration with the Commission of Health.  The commitment of 18 Mexican Senators is truly outstanding.  The Institute looks forward to working closely with the Commission and its individual Senators as we move forward to address the opportunities and challenges in the life science and biotech arena.”

Over the Institute’s 37-year history, it has had a special and close relationship with Mexico, regularly hosting Mexican public officials, businessmen, thought leaders, academics, teachers, students and journalists at its conferences, workshops, seminars, and special events. The Institute has hosted several Latin American heads of state; including three Mexican presidents.

Founded in 1983, the Institute of the Americas, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is headquartered in La Jolla, California.  It has a broad network throughout the Americas playing a pivotal role in the Western Hemisphere as an honest and neutral convener.  Its top three programs are its Energy & Sustainability Program, STEM Education Program, and Life Sciece & Biotech Program.

For more information, please contact Mr. Theodore Gildred, III, President or Dr.Martha Pizani, MAS Life Science & Biotech Program Director at (858) 964-1713. Email: [email protected]

Inter-American Dialogue: Panel on Natural Gas and LNG

(L-R) Antero Alvarado (Gasenergy), David Goldwyn (Goldwyn Global Strategies), Jeremy Martin (Institute of the Americas) and DAS Elizabeth Urbanas (DOE) speak on the third panel of the Inter-American Dialogue’s Third Annual Latin America Energy Conference. This panel was moderated by Jane Nakano (CSIS).


September 2019

September 2019

Welcome to the September edition of Energy Panorama. We began the month in Madrid with our partners IPD Latin America for the inaugural Madrid Energy Conference. We were pleased to count on the participation of Spain’s Secretary of Energy, Jose Dominguez Abascal and senior executives and government officials from across Europe and Latin America. Be sure to check out our first short report based upon discussions at the conference, Global Energy Transition Demands Cooperation, not Competition; Oil and Gas Companies Must Lead the Way.  We will be publishing several other similar reports in the coming weeks.

With the launch of the Madrid Energy Conference we have created a new platform and venue for discussion of the issues at the core of the Europe-Latin America energy nexus. Mark your calendar to join us on September 16-18, 2020 for the second annual Madrid Energy Conference.

We are also pleased to publish two important reports focused on lithium in collaboration with the Payne Institute  at the Colorado School of Mines. Authored by La Jolla Conference speaker and lithium expert Emily Hersh, the reports are a continuation of our work on the issues surrounding lithium developments in Latin America and the battery and energy storage market as part of our Energy Transition Initiative. 

The first report, Latin America’s Diverse Lithium Opportunity and a Sustainable Energy Future, offers an important assessment of the state of the lithium market in Latin America, and what needs to take place in terms of policy for further development.

The second report, The Lithium in a Battery, focuses on the critical aspects of lithium as a battery input and clarifies the true role of lithium in the battery market.

Our webinar series in September featured further discussion of Mexico and the natural gas market under AMLO with analyst Emily Medina.

Our webinar series next month turns to Argentina and discussion with YPF on their energy transition strategies and investment plans.

We are off to Bogota on October 29-30 for our Oil & Gas Roundtable and two private sessions focused on social license to operate issues and energy transition. We look forward to seeing you there.

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Latin America’s Diverse Lithium Opportunity and a Sustainable Energy Future

The Lithium in a Battery

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Global Energy Transition Demands Cooperation, not Competition; Oil and Gas Companies Must Lead the Way

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Webinar: Mexico’s Natural Gas Prospects Under AMLO

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More Private Investment Said Needed for Mexico to Meet Natural Gas Goals, Reduce Imports

Chris Sladen Energy Matters ANZMEX Vol 8

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