Welcome to the November edition of Energy Panorama.

This month’s featured report assesses a critical topic in Guyana: the potential for gas-to-power in the Caribbean nation. As our white paper sets forth, there remain key challenges to address with regards to the development of Guyana’s oil and gas sector. Perhaps most prominent is what the country should do with the natural gas that is also being produced offshore.

We are grateful to our fall research intern and report author, Kathryn Hillis, a second year graduate student at UCSD’s School of Global Policy and Strategy, for her efforts on the white paper.

This month, as Chile announced its national green hydrogen strategy, Cecilia Aguillon, Energy Transition Initiative Director, authored an essay in PV Magazine arguing for Latin America’s focus on the potential for clean hydrogen markets for economic recovery. She posits the role of green hydrogen to accelerate the decarbonization of the electricity and transportation sectors across the region.

Earlier this month, Cecilia responded to the question “Can Latin America Produce Sustainable Aviation Fuels?” and offered insights and commentary for the Inter-American Dialogue’s Energy Advisor newsletter.

The week after the election in the US, Jeremy Martin participated in a panel and discussion with regards to the outlook for Venezuela and the incoming Biden administration. Cecilia Aguillon also commented on the US election and implications for renewable energy in Mexico as a panelist at the MIREC event held on November 10.

We are pleased to share Volumes 26 and 27 of ANZMEX Energy Matters, essays penned by IOA board member Chris Sladen.

Stay tuned for our year-end edition and annual synopsis from the Energy & Sustainability Program at the Institute of the Americas.

Featured Report

Guyana’s Gas-to-Power Potential

Opinion & Analysis

Chile a la cabeza del Hidrógeno Verde en América Latina

Can Latin America Produce Sustainable Aviation Fuels?

Chris Sladen ANZMEX Energy Matters Vol 26

Chris Sladen ANZMEX Energy Matters Vol 27

In the News

Perspectivas sobre el futuro de Venezuela tras elecciones en EEUU

Mexican president wants to make a deal with Sempra on LNG project