November 2020

November 2020

Welcome to the November edition of Energy Panorama.

This month’s featured report assesses a critical topic in Guyana: the potential for gas-to-power in the Caribbean nation. As our white paper sets forth, there remain key challenges to address with regards to the development of Guyana’s oil and gas sector. Perhaps most prominent is what the country should do with the natural gas that is also being produced offshore.

We are grateful to our fall research intern and report author, Kathryn Hillis, a second year graduate student at UCSD’s School of Global Policy and Strategy, for her efforts on the white paper.

This month, as Chile announced its national green hydrogen strategy, Cecilia Aguillon, Energy Transition Initiative Director, authored an essay in PV Magazine arguing for Latin America’s focus on the potential for clean hydrogen markets for economic recovery. She posits the role of green hydrogen to accelerate the decarbonization of the electricity and transportation sectors across the region.

Earlier this month, Cecilia responded to the question “Can Latin America Produce Sustainable Aviation Fuels?” and offered insights and commentary for the Inter-American Dialogue’s Energy Advisor newsletter.

The week after the election in the US, Jeremy Martin participated in a panel and discussion with regards to the outlook for Venezuela and the incoming Biden administration. Cecilia Aguillon also commented on the US election and implications for renewable energy in Mexico as a panelist at the MIREC event held on November 10.

We are pleased to share Volumes 26 and 27 of ANZMEX Energy Matters, essays penned by IOA board member Chris Sladen.

Stay tuned for our year-end edition and annual synopsis from the Energy & Sustainability Program at the Institute of the Americas.

Featured Report

Guyana’s Gas-to-Power Potential

Opinion & Analysis

Chile a la cabeza del Hidr├│geno Verde en Am├ęrica Latina

Can Latin America Produce Sustainable Aviation Fuels?

Chris Sladen ANZMEX Energy Matters Vol 26

Chris Sladen ANZMEX Energy Matters Vol 27

In the News

Perspectivas sobre el futuro de Venezuela tras elecciones en EEUU

Mexican president wants to make a deal with Sempra on LNG project

November 2020

October 2020

Welcome to the October edition of Energy Panorama.

We are pleased to share this month┬┤s featured report “How the U.S. Election May Influence China┬┤s Engagement in the Americas” as the 2020 election cycle concludes.

Our report uses the backdrop and attention of the election to contemplate U.S.-Latin America-relations, but particularly the context and future of broader U.S.-China engagement through the lens of a second term for President Trump or a Biden Administration. Nowhere is this perhaps more interesting and important to understand than with regards to the energy sector in Latin America and the Caribbean.

On October 29, together with Control Risks, we convened a virtual panel focused on Colombia┬┤s Oil & Gas sector. The panel featured Raul Gallegos, Director at Control Risks; Tony Hayward, Executive Chairman at Glencore International; Jorge Milanese, Regional Director for Latin American at Sproule; Marianna Boza, Partner at Brigard & Urrutia and Jose Luis Manzano, Chairman of Integra Capital, who sponsored the session.

The panel discussion centered on issues of social risk and M&A. The panel kicked off with analysis of social issues from Control Risks and further insights with regards to Carlyle┬┤s acquisition of the Oxy onshore assets and the overall appeal of investments in the sector. The general consensus was very positive for Colombia┬┤s medium and long term outlook given its strong rule of law and regulatory certainty for the sector, a reputation the panelists underscored had been built over several years.

There are key challenges particularly with regards to managing social risks, and a poll of the audience noted over 75% of the attendees were concerned by the potential for conflict. However, the panel emphasized that solutions and paths to mitigate social risks exist and indeed implementation of royalty reforms will be a key element to enhancing community relations and the so-called social license to operate. But, the panel also concurred that the oil and gas transport infrastructure issue remains challenging and demands continued attention from the government and industry alike.

Earlier this week, our Non-Resident Fellow Andres Chambouleyron responded to the question “Will Argentina┬┤s New Plan Successfully Boost Gas Output?” and provided commentary for the Inter-American Dialogue┬┤s Energy Advisor newsletter.

We are also pleased to share the latest Energy Matters essay from IOA board member Chris Sladen written for ANZMEX.

Featured Report

How the U.S. Election May Influence China┬┤s Engagement in the Americas

Opinion & Analysis

Will Argentina┬┤s New Plan Successfully Boost Gas Output?

Chris Sladen ANZMEX Energy Matters Vol 25


Colombia Oil & Gas Outlook: M&A and Social Risk Management

In the News

Sempra┬┤s subsidiary in Mexico still awaiting final LNG export permit

Pemex Remains Outlier as Fellow Latin American NOCs Embrace Divestment, Liberalization

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