BIomedia and Financial Markets

At the modern stage of civilization, the development of the latest achievements of Life science & Biotech are being implemented to enrich people’s everyday life. At the same time, creates conditions for improving business development in emerging markets.
On the other hand, the way the information is delivery sometimes creates contradictions between scientist, and non- scientist, between people with financial backgrounds, and people without professional backgrounds.
The Media is a key mechanism for achieving successful policy mix that promote growth. Economic actors need accurate and timely information to allocate resources efficiently. Investors and other groups increasing value and demand a governance-monitoring role from the media.

A free and independent press can provide information and monitoring to the economic policy development process leading to more effective economic policies. It can also reduce political risk and increase good governance conditions that are important for robust economic development
The Biomedia and Financial Markets Science Seminar discusses the importance of application of innovation to forms and contents of professional education, the effectiveness of which is most clearly manifested in the practical implementation of cognitive-converting activity of professionals of the highest skill level.
The Seminar sets out the methodological framework of Scientific journalism and the Financial Markets, a guidelines for education in emerging economies, and life sciences


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