May 2021

May 2021

May Panorama 2021

Welcome to the May edition of Energy Panorama. This month’s featured report “Changes in the Generation Dispatch Criterion in Mexico: A Summary of Direct Impacts” is a Policy Brief, authored by our Non-Resident Fellow, Francisco Xavier Salazar. The Policy Brief explores amendments to Mexico’s Electric Industry Law, but goes beyond the question and debate of the law’s constitutionality and focuses on the significant effects on the economy and the environment proposed by the legislation.

This May marked the 30th anniversary of the La Jolla Energy Conference. We celebrated by hosting and organizing several programs throughout the month. Invite-only Virtual Roundtables each Wednesday provided the occasion for debate and discussion of four scenarios: 1) Elections and Energy; 2) Future of Transport; 3) Electrifying Everything; 4) Future of Hydrocarbons.

We also hosted several “Deep Dive” interviews on critical issues including Brazil’s renewable energy boom, the region’s progress on SDG’s, Venezuela’s energy sector and role of sanctions, the outlook for lithium, US-China and critical minerals and a great session with four young energy professionals and their perspectives. Links for each Deep Dive are below.

On Fridays, public panels and discussions covered a wide range of issues from how the region will manage the climate imperative on the Road to Glasgow, green recovery, the role for technologies such as hydrogen and electromobility, the future of oil and gas in key markets in the Andes and Southern Cone to the cherry on top – how to bridge the finance gap and the role of ESG in directing capital. Below are links for the panel recordings.

Stay tuned in June for our Policy Briefs based upon the Virtual Roundtable discussions.

Report/Policy Brief

Changes in the Generation Dispatch Criterion in Mexico: A Summary of Direct Impacts

 30th La Jolla Conference Deep Dive Videos


30th La Jolla Conference Panel Videos


30th La Jolla Conference in the News

Biden Administration Extends Special Oil License in Venezuela to U.S. Companies

Latin America’s Challenge of Financing Energy Recovery

Manzano propone invertir “trillones y no billones” para reducir emisiones de carbono y achicar la brecha financiera en la región

Doinican Republic seeking ‘big players’ in Caribbean gas hub plans

Latin America in ‘high level’ talks for regional gas price index

Energy Transition Evolves in Central America and the Caribbean

South America’s Gas Dreams

América del Sur tiene sueños gasíferos

América Latina apuesta fuerte por el hidrógeno

Transición energética progresa en América Central y el Caribe

América Latina ante el reto de financiar la recuperación energética

Latin America Bets Heavily on Hydrogen


May 2021

April 2021

Welcome to the April edition of Energy Panorama

As you read this newsletter, the calendar will have flipped to May. And you know what that means: The 30th anniversary of the La Jolla Energy Conference and our month-long online celebration. You are cordially invited to join the dialogue and our unique face-to-face networking.

Based upon his presentation and discussion at our April Steering Committee meeting, Non-Resident Fellow and former ANP Director, Nelson Narciso authored our latest policy brief: “Brazil’s New Gas Law.”

Our focus on hydrogen policy development saw the launch of our new infographic series “Hydrogen Potential in Latin America.”  Following up on discussions at Steering Committee meetings over the last two months, we have engaged with government officials, investors, regulators and consultants to analyze the sector and render our view on the current landscape for hydrogen in Latin America. We began with an assessment of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Uruguay.

We were also pleased to host Mexico’s Secretary of the Economy, Tatiana Clouthier, for a keynote address and discussion of issues facing Mexico’s economy, energy, USMCA and agriculture. Additionally, we concluded the month with a keynote by former Secretary of Energy and New Mexico governor, Bill Richardson, who offered insights and thoughts on issues surrounding US engagement with Latin America. He covered a great deal of ground in an engaging and wide-ranging presentation and question and answer session.

Also this month, Energy Transition Initiative Director, Cecilia Aguillon, moderated panels and shared her insights on the growing hydrogen markets in the region as part of the First Hydrogen Congress for Latin America and the Caribbean and the Second South America Energy Series Conference.

Jeremy Martin was a panelist at the Mexican Hydrocarbons Association (AMEXHI) Annual Congress as part of a session focused on the role of the oil and gas sector in the energy transition. He was also featured in several articles, including a long-form interview in Forbes, on the evolving energy and climate policy debate in Mexico.

We look forward to seeing you online throughout the month of May for our sessions and exclusive content that you have come to expect from the La Jolla Conference.

Featured Report

Brazil’s New Gas Law

New Infographic Series

Hydrogen Potential in Latin America


México Próspero – A Presentation by Tatiana Clouthier, Mexico’s Secretary of the Economy

Opinion & Analysis

Political Risk Analysis: Is Mexico Declaring War Against Clean Energy?

In the News

Bill Richardson: “Quiero ver un nuevo acuerdo comercial de energías renovables entre las Américas”

Prevén reducción de gas para la transición energética

New regulations have broad implications for Mexico’s midstream, power sectors

Petro to Electro: It is the Dragon vs the Rest on critical minerals

México trabaja en atraer inversiones en energía eléctrica: SE

Secretaría de Economía trabaja junto con CFE para atraer inversiones en sector eléctrico

Empresas pueden recurrir a amparos en energía: Clouthier

“En época de crisis, las Energías Renovables son una decisión inteligente de negocios”

Latin America Looking to Take Slice of Global Hydrogen Pie

May 2021

March 2021

Previous Panorama


Welcome to the March edition of Energy Panorama

This month we published our latest Policy Brief “Charting a New Path for Latin America’s Electric Utilities after COVIDby our Non-Resident Fellow, Andres Chambouleyron. Chris Sladen, our newest Energy & Sustainability Non-Resident Fellow, contributed the Global Context for the Policy Brief.

Together with our Steering Committee member Sproule and Non-Resident Fellow Marta Jara, we hosted “Latin America’s 2021 Energy Outlook – Resilience and Reset.” The webinar explored key trends and M&A activity, offered insights into key developments this year and how COVID recovery and the energy transition is affecting investment patterns in the region. The presentation and recording are available below.

Our focus on hydrogen policy development was featured as part of our joint event, “Green Hydrogen in Chile,” with the Baker Institute and University of Antofagasta. The public session counted a keynote presentation by Energy & Mines Minister Juan Carlos Jobet and Max Correa, Director of Fuels and New Energy at the Ministry and the principal for implementing Chile’s ambitious strategy.

With our Steering Committee members we hosted further strategic discussions of hydrogen as a building block across the region. We are developing a high-level assessment and landscape exercise that will form the basis for a series of infographics.

Energy Transition Initiative Director, Cecilia Aguillon, shared her insights on green hydrogen in Brazil as part of commentary in the Dialogue’s Energy Advisor. Cecilia also participated in the RENPOWER Caribbean Conference and discussed market design to support new renewable energy projects in the Caribbean.

Our focus on the evolving energy and climate policy debate in Mexico continued and Vice President Jeremy Martin was featured in several articles.

Our monthly virtual meeting with our Non-Resident Fellows focused on next steps for our year-long research project on energy transition and workforce development.

We also formally launched the La Jolla Conference 30th anniversary website and draft program. We look forward to having you join us in May to celebrate our milestone.

Featured Report

Charting a New Path for Latin America’s Electric Utilities after COVID


Latin America’s 2021 Energy Outlook – Resilience and Reset

Green Hydrogen in Chile

Opinion & Analysis

Can Brazil Become a Leading Hub for Green Hydrogen?

In the News

Mexico’s Pemex discovers 1.2 billion boe complex in Tabasco region: CEO
Circular economy and green technology dominate TRENDS Research & Advisory symposium on energy and sustainability
Mexico’s president looks to upend energy reform measuresMexico Set to Reshape Power Sector to Favor the State

May 2021

February 2021

Previous Panorama

Energy Panorama February 2021

This month we published our report “China Stakes Its Claim in Latin American Energy: What It Means for the Region, the U.S. and Beijing” in English, Spanish and Portuguese. We formally launched the report with a webinar co-hosted by University of California TV. The complete presentation and video is available below.

The final report was the product of a lengthy research project that counted support from a number of researchers, authors, editors and outside reviewers. Please do check out the report and our recognition page to see all those involved.

We are also pleased to announce Chris Sladen as our newest Energy & Sustainability Non-Resident Fellow.

Chris is transitioning to our roster of fellows after more than seven years as a member of the Institute of the Americas Board of Directors. Many of you know Chris from his tenure as President of BP Mexico. In his new role as an IOA fellow, he will focus on low-carbon and zero carbon polices and energy transition technologies. Each month, Chris delivers his latest insights in the op-ed “Energy Matters.” Volume 30 is included in this newsletter.

Reflecting on the energy crises in North America, our fellow Marta Jara penned a thought-provoking op-ed: “Energy Crisis: Tribal Behavior or Quality Decisions Based on Conscious Trade-Offs?”

We continue to burnish the efforts of our Energy Transition Initiative. ETI’s Director Cecilia Aguillon discussed how the lessons learned from California’s renewable energy legal and regulatory environment can inform the discourse in Latin America.

Our focus on the evolving energy and climate policy debate in Mexico continued and we contributed insights across several interviews by our fellow Leonardo Beltran and Vice President Jeremy Martin. We also participated as co-authors of the Energy & Sustainability Chapter of the US-Mexico Forum 2025 report, a UC San Diego-led effort to provide the Biden and Lopez Obrador administrations with policy recommendations.

Our Steering Committee met and had a robust discussion of hydrogen as a building block. We will continue to analyze the role for hydrogen in the region, how to inform and shape the policy debate and where to focus research and programming.

Stay tuned in March for the launch of our La Jolla Conference 30th anniversary website and draft program.

Featured Report (English, Español, Português)

China Stakes Its Claim in Latin American Energy: What It Means for the Region, the U.S. and Beijing


Report Launch Event: China Stakes its Claim in Latin American Energy: What it Means for the Region, the U.S., and Beijing

Opinion & Analysis

Energy Crisis: Tribal Behavior or Quality Decisions Based on Conscious Trade-Offs?

La mejor forma de fortalecer a CFE no es aislándola, sino permitiéndole competir y asociarse

Chris Sladen ANZMEX Energy Matters Vol 30

U.S.-Mexico Forum 2025 – Energy & Sustainability Chapter

In the News

Pide EU a México abrir la inversión en energía

Experiencia californiana aplicable a políticas energéticas de región: subastas, descentralización, incentivos y transparencia

Panamá: ¿un país atractivo para las inversiones en energía?

China y EE.UU.: la pugna por ganar presencia en América Latina

Mexico was once a climate leader – now it’s betting big on coal

China destinó $58,4 mil millones para el sector energético latinoamericano en las últimas dos décadas

Mexican electricity reform set to raise trade tensions with US

May 2021

January 2021

Energy Panorama January 2021

Welcome to the first installment of Energy Panorama for 2021.

To kick off the new year, our Non-Resident Fellows prepared short essays assessing the key trends and issues across the hemisphere. Their perspectives are compiled in this month’s featured report: Western Hemisphere 2021 Energy Landscape and Outlook.

On January 15, we dove right into programming and hosted our Ecuador Virtual Energy Roundtable. We reiterate our gratitude to Minister of Energy Rene Ortiz and his entire team for their collaboration and participation in our discussions of the investment climate, upcoming election cycle, priority projects and efforts to consolidate the gains of the current administration in the energy sector. The ministry’s summary, our synopsis report and recordings of the keynote address and panels are included below.

We were also quite busy in January with a variety of opinion essays and commentaries. We weighed in on topics ranging from the outlook for oil and gas in the region this year to the Biden administration’s cancelation of the Keystone XL pipeline. We also offered our insights on the potential for renewable energy in Trinidad & Tobago and Peru as well as the role for the electric sector and enhanced grid infrastructure to support economic recovery.

As we do each month, we are pleased to share the latest ANZMEX Energy Matters essays penned by IOA board member Chris Sladen.

Be sure to join us next month, on February 11, for the launch of the Energy & Sustainability program’s report: China Stakes Its Claim in Latin American Energy: What It Means for the Region, the U.S. and Beijing.

Lastly, stay tuned for our announcement on the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the La Jolla Conference in May.

Featured Report

Western Hemisphere 2021 Energy Landscape and Outlook


Ecuador Virtual Energy Roundtable Videos

Playlist Library


Ecuador Virtual Energy Roundtable Summary

Institute of the Americas Report

Ministry of Energy and Non-Renewable Natural Resources Summary

Opinion & Analysis

National Electric Grid Key to Faster Economic Recovery

Is Revoking the Keystone XL Permit a Good Decision?

COVID-19 and Climate Change Prompt an Energy Rethink in Trinidad and Tobago

Will Peru Make Progress on its Energy Transition?

What Lies Ahead for Latin America’s Energy Sector?

Chris Sladen ANZMEX Energy Matters Vol 29

Chris Sladen ANZMEX Energy Matters Vol 28


In the News

Ecuador ratifica la continuidad de su subasta de energías renovables por 200 MW

OLADE exhorta a gobiernos latinoamericanos a desarrollar políticas energéticas a largo plazo

Ecuador refinery project caps Moreno reform effort

Exxon had offered more gas per day than Guyana needs – Patterson admits

Energy Protectionism in Mexico Has Made Climate the Victim

New U.S. Administration Likely Means More Natural Gas for Mexico, Expert Says

Argentina’s bet on Vaca Muerta needs international financing

December 2020 Year-End Energy Panorama

December 2020 Year-End Energy Panorama

Season’s greetings from La Jolla! It has been a challenging year, but we hope this edition of Energy Panorama finds you well and beginning to enjoy the holiday season. We are pleased to share our annual compilation for your holiday reading, viewing and listening pleasure.

We concluded the year with our Argentina Virtual Oil & Gas Roundtable, a program that had been set for in-person sessions in mid-March in Buenos Aires. The event focused on balancing potential and challenges, as our event summary is titled.  Across several panels this conundrum was very evident: panelists highlighted the huge potential for oil and natural gas production, while also lamenting the shortfalls due to economic, political and regulatory instability. But, there was a good deal of optimism, based largely on the recently enacted Plan Gas 4 policy framework and bidding, as well as an uptick in activity in the country’s oil patch. The event summary and panel videos can be found below.

Keeping with our annual tradition, the December edition of Energy Panorama serves to provide a year-end reflection through selected reports, analysis, podcasts and webinars that we produced this year, as well as insights from our diverse programming across the hemisphere. What follows is a curated compendium of the 2020 IOA Energy & Sustainability Program.

While the early part of 2021 looks to be more of the online, virtual setting, we hope to see you in the latter part of the year. Indeed, 2021 marks the 30th anniversary of the La Jolla Conference and we will be making a major announcement in January.

We wish you and yours a joyous and peaceful holiday season!

Argentina Virtual Oil & Gas Roundtable

Argentina Virtual Oil & Gas Roundtable Event Summary

Argentina Virtual Oil & Gas Roundtable Videos

Latest Opinion & Analysis

Latin American Electric Utilities COVID-accelerated Evolution

Collaborative Clean Energy Innovation for Economic Recovery

Madrid Energy Conference

Curtain Raiser Videos

La Jolla Energy Virtual Conference

Panel Videos

Other Event Videos from 2020

Colombia Oil & Gas Outlook

Caribbean Energy Security & Challenges Post-COVID-19

Bolivia’s Energy Future – Perspectives for the Next Administration

Reports from 2020

Guyana’s Gas-to-Power Potential

How the U.S. Election May Influence China’s Engagement in the Americas

So, You Want to Make Batteries Too?

The Economic and Strategic Arguments for Renewable Energy in Mexico

The Day After: Latin America’s response to key energy issues derived from COVID-19

XXIX La Jolla Energy Conference Summary Report

COVID-19 and Latin America’s Energy Sector: Today, Tomorrow and Beyond the Crisis

Informe Energía México 2020

Baja California Energy Outlook 2020–2025

Opinion & Analysis from 2020

Chile a la cabeza del Hidrógeno Verde en América Latina

Can Latin America Produce Sustainable Aviation Fuels?
Will Argentina’s New Plan Successfully Boost Gas Output?
Has Progress on Latin America’s E-Mobility Stalled?
Looking for Jobs in Latin America – Can the Energy Transition Help?
A Not-To-Do List for Guyana’s New Administration When It Comes to Oil
Is Chile On Track to Become Carbon Neutral By 2050?
Pros and Cons of a Super Regulator – The case of the Spanish Regulator
Is Covid Speeding up Latin America’s Energy Transition?
Energy Integration Key After the Pandemic

Latin America’s Potential Green Hydrogen Economy
Do Mexico’s New Power Sector Rules Favor the State
Electricity Demand During Lockdown: Evidence from Argentina
Will Investors Leave Vaca Muerta Amid Lower Oil Prices?
Walking the Talk on Climate Change after the Pandemic: Reorienting State-Owned Enterprises towards Sustainability
Mexico’s Fuels Market and a “Double Whammy”
Climate change and human rights
Does Hydrogen Fuel Have a Bright Future in Latin America?
“Samba” Auctions, a Model for Latin America

Webinars from 2020

Global LNG and South America Natural Gas Update – A Madrid Energy Conference Curtain Raiser Webinar

Clean Energy in Mexico Webinar Series

Managing Critical Mineral Supply Chain Risks

Renewables Argentina Trends Expectations Investment Perspectives

The Future of Clean Energy Demands Critical Mineral Policy Solutions

Energy Resource Governance Initiative (ERGI)

Material Metal Security Low Carbon Energy Transitions

Climate Change and the Oil Sector