Experts Divided on Prospects for a Shift in AMLO’s Energy Policy

This December marks the one-year anniversary of Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s inauguration. A year into his term, there is considerable clarity as to how his policies have impacted the investment climate for the energy sector. At an event co-hosted by the Institute of the Americas and Inter-American Dialogue, panelists discussed the challenges and opportunities that private investors face across various sectors including power, renewables, oil and natural gas.

Webinar Political Transition in the Southern Cone and Implications for Natural Gas Markets

Webinar Political Transition in the Southern Cone and Implications for Natural Gas Markets




Political developments, unrest and discord across nations of the Southern Cone and major natural gas producers Bolivia and Argentina, as well as critical consumer Chile has important implications for the near term function and outlook for the region’s gas market.

Questions surround the developments and advances in natural gas production from Argentina’s unconventional play, Vaca Muerta, as the country undergoes a political transition and significant shift from the government of Mauricio Macri to Alberto Fernandez, who takes office in mid-December.

Meanwhile, Bolivia, for years a major exporter of natural gas to both Argentina and Brazil, has been consumed by an unfolding political crisis since elections in October and the resignation of Evo Morales in mid-November.

Chile, historically a major importer of natural gas from Argentina – exchanges that were begun again this year with great fanfare – has been gripped with social unrest that has also thrown its economy into a tailspin.

Brazil, a key consumer and market for natural gas from Bolivia seeks to pass a new natural gas market law with the aim of further liberalizing the sector and removing Petrobras’ grip particularly over midstream and commercialization. Key to underpinning the overhauled natural gas market in Brazil is the growing potential of the country’s Pre Salt fields.

Join us for a webinar and virtual panel with Dr. Raul Bertero, director of the Center for the Study of Energy Regulatory Activity at the University of Buenos Aires and Alvaro Rios, Founding Partner at Gas Energy Latin America. Bertero and Rios will comprise a virtual panel and discussion and will share further insights on the natural gas market in the Southern Cone

The webinar will be held Thursday, December 5 at 10:00am San Diego (3:00 pm Buenos Aires time; GMT/UTC – 8 hours). The panel will include a live Q&A session with the audience.


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Webinar: Argentina’s YPF and the Energy Transition



As the transformation of the global energy sector unfolds, companies throughout Latin America are grappling with the question of how they will evolve operationally, financially, and strategically as the world shifts its energy focus.

YPF has embraced the challenge of the energy transition and created a strategy of “Energy Transition’ Readiness” based upon the G20-B20 Energy, Resource Efficiency and Sustainability Recommendations, the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement. Specifically, the company is developing actions to reduce the total intensity of carbon emissions associated with operations, including technological developments focused on methane emissions, gas storage, specifically enhancing energy efficiency across the value chain and sustainability of the company overall.

Join us for a webinar and discussion with Dr. Elena Morettini, Geoscience Advisor & B20 Energy Officer at YPF. Dr. Morettini will share further insights from YPF’s experience and vision on energy transitions preparing for new ways of producing, distributing and using energy, as well as other technological developments at the company.

The webinar will be held Wednesday, November 6 at 10:00am San Diego (3:00 pm Buenos Aires time; GMT/UTC – 8 hours). Dr. Morettini’s formal presentation will be followed by a live Q&A session with the audience


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