Pros and Cons of a Super Regulator – The case of the Spanish Regulator

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Leonardo Beltrán and Andrés Chambouleyron are non-resident Fellows at the Institute of the Americas located in La Jolla, California.

Extraordinary session of the Senate of the Republic of Mexico, June 29, 2020. Credit: Senado de Mexico.


LA JOLLA, California, United States, Jul 20 2020 (IPS) – On June 10, 2020, Senator Ricardo Monreal, President of the Political Coordination Board of the Senate of Mexico, presented a legislative initiative to reform Article 28 of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States, in order to cluster in a single regulator of economic competition, the Telecommunications, Broadcasting and Energy sectors. (more…)

Will Mexico’s regulatory level playing field survive? A conversation with the experts

Will Mexico’s regulatory level playing field survive? A conversation with the experts

The second presentation in the Institute of the Americas/Mexico Institute at the Wilson Center’s “Clean Energy in Mexico” webinar series will feature a discussion of regulatory developments and the implications for the Mexican power market and its medium and long-term outlook.

The virtual panel will feature three former regulators in Mexico: Former CRE Chairman Francisco Xavier Salazar and former CRE Commissioners Montserrat Ramiro and Guillermo Zuniga.

The former regulators and experts will share their insights and perspectives on the wide range of issues facing the power sector and regulatory environment derived from COVID-19, but also government policy edicts, cuts in staff and a legislative proposal to completely overhaul Mexico’s regulatory institutions and framework.

Energy Integration Key After the Pandemic

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By Leonardo Beltrán | Wed, 07/01/2020

If there is one thing, we have learned with the pandemic is that we cannot live in isolation. Developed and developing countries alike are struggling to maintain their economic sustenance, irrespective of their individual specialization and/or competitive advantage. Whether it is an agricultural, industrial or services exporting world power, the lockdowns have suddenly halted their momentum. However, the pandemic has shed light on the opportunities to enhance our collaborative work and strengthen our resiliency and stamina to weather the crisis. (more…)

June 2020

June 2020

Welcome to the June edition of Energy Panorama. We begin this month’s newsletter with a note of welcome for the incoming president of the Institute of the Americas, Richard Kiy, and an expression of gratitude to Ted Gildred III as he winds down his term as interim president. More details on the new IOA president, Richard Kiy, below.

This month’s featured report “The Day After: Latin America’s response to key energy issues derived from COVID-19” by principal author Roger Tissot is a detailed analysis based on policy and political trends likely to impact several countries’ oil industries as they emerge from the COVID-19 health crisis; how the region arrived at the pandemic crisis and how countries responded and the key emerging trends that are likely to influence policy decisions in Latin America and the so-called “day after.”

We are also pleased to share the summary report and synopsis derived from the discussions at the Virtual XXIX La Jolla Conference, as well as several of the panel videos and news coverage.

The Virtual La Jolla Conference convened as the implications of COVID-19 and the massive shock to the global oil market and its impact across the hemisphere were being felt. The discussion focused on whether the energy transition was being accelerated or delayed, the role for the region’s NOC’s particularly in recovery, the potential for key plays such as Guyana, the Pre-Salt, Vaca Muerta, Camisea and fracking in Colombia. A cross-cutting and recurring debate over whether habits and consumption had temporarily or permanently changed yielded a variety of replies. How countries and energy policymakers are navigating the dual crises were very much on display and, as expected, differed from Mexico to Chile to Peru to Uruguay to Argentina.

Our assessment of the energy transition continued this month and clean hydrogen in Latin America was at the center of two articles – one in Spanish and one in English – by Cecilia Aguillon, Director of the IOA’s Energy Transition Initiative.

Clean Energy in Mexico, our webinar series in collaboration with the Mexico Institute at the Wilson Center, kicked-off with John McNeece’s presentation of our jointly-published paper “The Economic and Strategic Arguments for Renewable Energy in Mexico.”

We also convened a virtual panel discussion focused on the energy sector in Bolivia and outlook for the next administration featuring representatives from the major political parties vying in the September election. The event also featured opening remarks from IOA Board member Jose Luis Manzano.

We are also pleased to continue to bring you the insights of IOA Board member Chris Sladen and his essays written for ANZMEX, of which there were two released in June.

We look forward to our collaboration with CEBRI in Brazil on a unique virtual panel on July 15, as well as our partnership with IPD Latin America and Global Event Partners for the second Madrid Energy Conference set for Sep 28-Oct 2, being presented and held online this year.

Richard Kiy Named President of the Institute of the Americas

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The Day After: Latin America’s response to key energy issues derived from COVID-19

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