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Jorge RosenblutAfter working for decades as an executive leader in private industry and government, Jorge Rosenblut now works as an independent consultant to help clients incubate growth, encourage evolution from legacy practice, and transform business models to manage disruption and re-emerge in their industries.

From 2000 to 2015, Mr. Rosenblut acted as president and held Chairman of the Board roles within Enel Group (Endesa Spain), a global energy leader. One of his key accomplishments was helping to direct the $16 billion split of Enersis into two separate entities – Enersis America and Enersis Chile, the largest corporate split ever executed in Latin America.

Prior to joining the ranks of corporate executives, Mr. Rosenblut held leadership roles in the Chilean government in the 1990s. He received his master’s degree in Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School in 1985, and that year joined the World Bank in Washington, DC.

Mr. Rosenblut has been a Member of the Board of Directors of the Institute of the Americas since 2014 and is currently serving as Chairman of the Board. He is based in Miami, Florida, and is the proud parent of a daughter who is currently completing her MBA at Columbia University in New York City, and a son who recently completed his BA at Washington University, Saint Louis, and is now exploring his early roots in Chile.

Webinar: Digital Transformation and the Hype Cycle: Where are we today and what is different?

Webinar: Digital Transformation and the Hype Cycle: Where are we today and what is different?

Webinar Series LogoDate: Thursday, July 6
Time:11:00am San Diego (2pm Washington, DC; GMT/UTC – 8 hours
Contact: Jacqueline Sanchez

The march of innovation and transformation in the global energy business shows no sign of ebbing. Industry and government alike across our hemisphere are looking to technological solutions for the vexing challenges of a modern energy sector that supports economic development in a sustainable manner. Technological innovation is poised to be a key element for insuring the energy industry’s profitability and competitiveness and perhaps nowhere is this more critical than with digitalization and data. By some accounts we generate 50,000 gigabytes of data per second. There are myriad ways to unravel and analyze this data. The Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) and increased use of data analytics are increasingly part of the energy transition conversation, principally in terms of boosting productivity and adding value. But where exactly are we today in this rapidly evolving dynamic and what is different, and why does it matter?

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Webinar discussion and analysis with Dominic John on the role of digitalization, data analytics and what the distinctions are between digital prey and digital predators. Dominic John is Vice President of Marketing and Technical Communications at OSIsoft.

The webinar will be held Thursday, July 6 at 11:00am San Diego (2pm Washington, DC; GMT/UTC – 8 hours). The formal presentation will be followed by a Q&A session with the audience.



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