Season’s greetings from La Jolla! It has been a challenging year, but we hope this edition of Energy Panorama finds you well and beginning to enjoy the holiday season. We are pleased to share our annual compilation for your holiday reading, viewing and listening pleasure.

We concluded the year with our Argentina Virtual Oil & Gas Roundtable, a program that had been set for in-person sessions in mid-March in Buenos Aires. The event focused on balancing potential and challenges, as our event summary is titled.  Across several panels this conundrum was very evident: panelists highlighted the huge potential for oil and natural gas production, while also lamenting the shortfalls due to economic, political and regulatory instability. But, there was a good deal of optimism, based largely on the recently enacted Plan Gas 4 policy framework and bidding, as well as an uptick in activity in the country’s oil patch. The event summary and panel videos can be found below.

Keeping with our annual tradition, the December edition of Energy Panorama serves to provide a year-end reflection through selected reports, analysis, podcasts and webinars that we produced this year, as well as insights from our diverse programming across the hemisphere. What follows is a curated compendium of the 2020 IOA Energy & Sustainability Program.

While the early part of 2021 looks to be more of the online, virtual setting, we hope to see you in the latter part of the year. Indeed, 2021 marks the 30th anniversary of the La Jolla Conference and we will be making a major announcement in January.

We wish you and yours a joyous and peaceful holiday season!

Argentina Virtual Oil & Gas Roundtable

Argentina Virtual Oil & Gas Roundtable Event Summary

Argentina Virtual Oil & Gas Roundtable Videos

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La Jolla Energy Virtual Conference

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Climate change and human rights
Does Hydrogen Fuel Have a Bright Future in Latin America?
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