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Mexico Energy Transition Breakfast: Electric Outlook, Renewable Market Development and Mobility

Date: December 8, 2017
Schedule: 8:00am – 8:30am Registration and Breakfast
8:30am – 11:00am Breakfast & Panel Discussions
Place: Mexico City, Mexico
Contact: Diana Rodriguez


Mexico’s Energy Transition Law, approved in December 2015, set forth revised regulations for the sustainable use of energy and established obligations on clean energy and emission reductions, including a target of 25% of energy from clean energy sources by 2018.  Since that time, two renewable energy auctions have been conducted to great fanfare and international acclaim. A third auction is underway with the final results expected in late November.

Beyond the headlines, there are important questions that the Mexican government, policymakers, regulators and investors are grappling with in terms of Mexico’s energy transition. Indeed, Mexico is at a critical juncture as it strives to consolidate critical public policies and regulatory frameworks to enable and accelerate the country’s transition to a more sustainable energy mix.

As investors and companies seek to develop the myriad projects either won at auction or in private development under the new market framework, there are several issues for consideration and further analysis. Financing renewable energy projects in Mexico is increasingly being debated particularly in terms of the role for national development banks and where commercial lenders fit in. Meanwhile, continued clarity on elements such as permitting, community engagement, and how transmission issues are being managed are also important.

The nation’s transport sector and mobility presents a further question as to the energy transition. What has the energy policy overhaul spurred with regards to mobility and the further enhancement of incentives and the framework for alternative fuel vehicles and enhanced mobility for the nation and particularly citizens of Mexico City.


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