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Michoacán Pottery, Film, and Reception

Thursday, June 14, 2012 • 6:00 p.m.
Hojel Auditorium and Arango Foyer, Institute of the Americas, UC San Diego Campus

Please come join us for an exhibit of exquisite lead-free Michoacán pottery and film about how it is made. The pottery will be for sale at the wine reception immediately following the screening of a feature-length documentary about Michoacán potters. During the reception, Omar Foglio, producer, and José Luis Figueroa, co-director, will answer questions about the film and the difficult process of convincing Michoacán artisans to make lead-free pottery.

Brilliant Soil focuses on Herlinda Morales, one of the great masters of Mexican folk art. Brilliant Soil, in Spanish with English subtitles, documents the rise of the poor, indigenous women potters of Michoacán who banded together forming Uarhi, the word for woman in the native Purepecha language. Together, they have become respected entrepreneurs and leaders in their communities.

The Uarhi movement has spread to 23 communities and 300 women in the most isolated corners of the sierra of Michoacán.


Mexican Consulate San Diego


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Past Events



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