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José Galicot unveils Tijuana Innovadora 2014: Unleashing the Mexican Diaspora

Date: July 2, 2013
Time: 6:00 sign-in, 6:30 conference

We are sorry for the quality of the audio at the beginning of the video. Please skip to 36:30 to enjoy
Jose Galicot fantastic presentation at the Institute of the Americas.


Since its inception, Tijuana Innovadora has proved a powerful display of the positive aspects of the city of Tijuana and what the region is capable of.
As the planning for the 2014 installment gears up, founder Jose Galicot unveils the theme of next year’s extravaganza and discusses the evolution of the organization.

The presentation was follow by a public reception in the Friend Plaza at the Institute of the Americas.


Tijuana Innovadora


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Past Events



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