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Cuba: Raúl, Reforms and the Road Ahead

Date: March 10, 2014
Time: Dinner 6:15 pm, Conference: 7:15 – 8:45
Location: Institute of the Americas Complex, UC San Diego
Contact: Chandler Martin

Cuba Road Ahead

As economic reforms in Cuba gain momentum, a small yet growing private sector is emerging, Cubans can buy and sell real estate, and a growing number of citizens are taking advantage of reduced travel restrictions.  The shift away from central planning toward a hybrid model brings with it questions about what Cuba will look like in the future and how the government will deal with new challenges like increasing inequality.

These reforms, while seemingly protracted, will have significant implications for the island, the U.S.-Cuba relationship, U.S. business interests and the rest of Latin America.

Join us March 10 for a panel discussion to explore the road ahead for Cuba economically and politically as reform measures are implemented.

We will hear from Carlos Saladrigas, Chairman of the Cuba Study Group, an advocacy group aimed at promoting Cuban civil society and national reconciliation as well as Dr. Richard Feinberg, a noted scholar on Cuban issues and author of “Soft Landing in Cuba? Emerging Entrepreneurs and Middle Classes”, a Brookings report that assesses the emerging private sector. Ambassador Charles Shapiro, President of the Institute and formerly Coordinator of Cuban Affairs at the U.S. Department of State, will moderate.

A catered dinner -- with Cuban food -- will precede the conference.  

Cocktails kindly hosted by Bacardi

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Past Events



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