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Institute President Charles Shapiro on the Unrest in Venezuela

Date: March 25, 2014
Time: 6:30pm
Location: Institute of the Americas complex, UC San Diego
Contact: Chandler Martin

Phot by: María Alejandra Mora (soyMAM)Phot by: María Alejandra Mora (soyMAM)While the world is focused on Ukraine, the unrest in Venezuela continues.  Despite  the Maduro government’ s crackdown on protestors , the death of at least 33 people, and 3000 arrests,  protests continue across the country.  The Venezuelan Attorney General conceded on Sunday that there have been abuses by the government.  What began as student protests against chronic shortages and mismanagement of the economy has grown into nationwide unrest as government responses have provoked more protest.  Three opposition mayors have been jailed, the Speaker of the National Assembly has brought charges of “aggravated defamation” against a newspaper, and the Assembly is in the process of stripping a deputy’s legal immunity so she can be charged with treason.  The Organization of American States is unable to act and the association of South American countries, UNASUR, refuses to do so.  The ongoing political upheaval in the country exposes increasing volatility and risk of violence. 
Please join us for a talk with Institute President Charles Shapiro, former U.S. Ambassador to Venezuela, as he discusses what the unrest might mean for Venezuela and for the United States.  Ambassador Shapiro’s  February 28  Miami Herald op-ed on the crisis is available here.


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Past Events



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