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Webinar: Mexico's Round One Update – Shallow Water Tender and Beyond

Date: February 6
Time: 11:00am San Diego (1:00pm Mexico; GMT/UTC – 8 hours)
Contact: Alexis Arthur


pdf  Mexico Round One Agenda   |  pdf  Presentation Lourdes Melgar

 Dr. Lourdes Melgar, Deputy Secretary for HydrocarbonOn December 11, Mexico launched the first phase in its inaugural oil and gas bidding process. The release of the terms for the 14 shallow water blocks marked the beginning of a new energy era for the nation, set in motion by President Enrique Peña Nieto’s historic energy reforms. Thus far, high expectations have been met by investor interest. However, plummeting global oil prices and security challenges remain issues to be addressed. In addition,fairly strict restrictions on companies participating in Round One have raised eyebrows. All of these factors merit further assessment and discussion as the government implements the shallow water auction and as they prepare future bidding under Round One and beyond.
Join us for a discussion of contract terms, future bid rounds and opportunities in Mexico by Dr. Lourdes Melgar, Deputy Secretary for Hydrocarbons.
Dr. Melgar’s presentation will be followed by an interactive question and answer session. If you are interested but unable to attend, please register anyway and we will send you the recording.


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Past Events



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