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Webinar: 2018 BP Energy Outlook

Webinars 2017Date: Wednesday, May 9
Time: 12:00pm San Diego (3:00 pm Washington, DC; GMT/UTC - 8 hours)
Contact: Jacqueline Sanchez




The global energy landscape is changing. What are the key factors influencing the shift in the energy mix and the pace at which it is evolving? The BP Energy Outlook outlines a potential path for energy demand based on assumptions about future changes in policy, technology and the economy.

Join us for a discussion of the 2018 Outlook with Mark Finley, General Manager of Global Energy Markets at BP. He will share the company’s views of future global energy markets through 2040 and explore a range of scenarios. Finley’s presentation will be global in scope and will include specific discussion and focus on the North American dimensions of the outlook. His remarks will be followed by an interactive Q&A with the audience.

The webinar will be held on Wednesday, May 9 at 12:00pm San Diego (3:00pm Washington, DC; GMT/UTC - 8 hours).





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Past Events



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