For over 30 years, the Institute of the Americas' programs have brought together government, business leaders, and civil society to facilitate dialogue and inform public policy across a range of issues affecting the Western Hemisphere.

The Institute is currently focused on the following areas:

Energy & Sustainability

Fostering a Deeper Understanding of the Western Hemisphere’s Most Critical Energy and Sustainability Issues. Read More

The Energy and Sustainability Program shapes and informs public policy related to energy development, investment, natural resource use, climate change, and energy transformation in the Americas.Widely regarded as an honest broker of high-level dialogue, the Institute’s energy program is one of the oldest and most internationally respected in the Western Hemisphere, leveraging global insights and experiential learning to inform regional stakeholders across sectors.

Priority Areas

  • Renewables
  • Accelerating the growth of thecleantech sector   
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Leveraging technology and policy to reduce consumption
  • Oil & Gas
  • Exploring important trends, challenges and opportunities
  • Low-Carbon Economies
  • Transforming the generation and consumption of energy   
  • Regional Integration
  • Developing win-win cross-border opportunities     Stakeholder Engagement
  • Managing complexity for successful outcomes

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program expands the opportunities created by the innovation economy.
Working throughout the Americas with practitioners in business, academia, government, and civil society,
our goal is to trigger strategic change that benefit communities, businesses, and industries.

Priority Areas

  • From Startup to  Scale-Up
    Accelerating job creation
  • Innovation For Life
    Transforming water, food, health, housing, and energy systems
  • New Economy Skills
    Expanding access to STEM education
  • Border Economies
    Unleashing the creative and economic potential of the U.S.-Mexico Border
  • Innovation And Strategy
    Building capacity for innovation
  • Innovation Journalism
    Cultivating informed and involved communities


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