Debating Latin America’s Diverse Lithium Opportunity

Debating Latin America’s Diverse Lithium Opportunity

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Institute of the Americas
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Lithium has increasingly captured attention as the world undergoes an energy transition. The role for lithium-ion batteries both in terms of energy storage and as a key element for the batteries that power electric vehicles has driven much of the interest and focus. Indeed, various projections point to soaring demand; some estimates predict demand to triple by 2025. Lithium is particularly important as part of the energy transition debate in Latin America given the massive deposits in the region. The countries of Argentina, Bolivia and Chile make up the so-called Lithium Triangle and count 54% of global resources. Peru and Brazil also count important resources.

But does the hype match the potential? Is the market growing as rapidly as predicted? Moreover, what are the various technologies and how will Latin America’s lithium deposits be monetized? Beyond technology, are there environmental and community constraints in Latin America to consider as part of the region’s lithium outlook? What about the macro political and economic context in the region?

These issues were at the heart of two recent Institute of the Americas/Payne Institute reports:  The first Latin America’s Diverse Lithium Opportunity and a Sustainable Energy Future offers an important assessment of the state of the lithium market in Latin America, and what needs to take place in terms of policy for further development while the second The Lithium in a Battery focuses on the critical aspects of lithium as a battery input and clarifies the true role of lithium in the battery market.

Join us for a presentation and discussion with Emily Hersh, Managing Partner at DCDB Group, and host of the Global Lithium Podcast, David Mares, Distinguished Professor of Political Science at UCSD and Director of the Center for Iberian and Latin American Studies (CILAS), Alan Sweedler, Senior Fellow at CILAS and Cecilia Aguillon, Director of the Energy Transition Initiative at the Institute of the Americas. Jeremy Martin, Vice President for Energy & Sustainability at the Institute of the Americas will moderate.

Coffee and light refreshments will be served.

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