Electric Vehicles in Mexico: A Green Economic Choice for Fleets

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Patio Central Antiguo Edificio del Ayuntamiento
Centro HistĂłrico, Centro 06000, Mexico City


The Institute will present a conference and its new white paper on electric vehicles policy and economic options strategies for introducing them in Mexico.

Participating at the day-long program will be municipal and state officials from across Mexico, executives from private companies, representatives of national authorities, and potential owners of EV fleets.

Mexico has an opportunity to expand its leadership in auto manufacturing while meeting its commitments to mitigating greenhouse gases (GHG) by seizing the new opportunity to join the global electric vehicle ecosystem. Compared with today’s conventional internal combustion engine vehicles, of which there were 27 million passenger vehicles in Mexico during 2011, electric cars can conserve up to 30 percent of CO2 emissions.

They offer Mexico’s metropolitan areas a here-to-fore largely unexamined strategy to reduce local pollution and the nation’s total GHG emissions. Electrifying road transport could radically change the organization and environmental sustainability of mobility in Mexico’s urban areas.


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