LATAM Cannabis Initiative. A Changing Paradigm: Perceptions & Policy Reform

LATAM Cannabis Initiative. A Changing Paradigm: Perceptions & Policy Reform

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Institute of the Americas
10111 N. Torrey Pines Rd., La Jolla, CA, 92037
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The LATAM Cannabis Initiative will consist of a series of roundtable discussions kicking off with our Mexico Edition.


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The cannabis industry has risen to meet the ever-increasing demands of its customers. It has expanded across the world entering a variety of markets from medicine and therapeutics to cosmetics and recreation. The market’s potential is growing rapidly outpacing existing global policies.

In addition, the Americas are home to some of the most important cannabis industry players and the overall progress and success of the market is very much tied to this region. Latin American policies remain cautious and are overshadowed by lack of general industry knowledge and a concern over the negative stigma attached to cannabis.

The Institute of the Americas is proud to announce the launching of a new initiative focused on inviting an open and international conversation about cannabis in the contemporary era: The LATAM Cannabis Initiative.

This event is a C-level executives-only event, and will consist of stakeholders representing all aspects of the industry, including policy leaders, consultants, growers, processors, investors, entrepreneurs, and research organizations from the Americas. We will focus on the advance in public policies that the industry has made in Latin America, with special emphasis on Mexico. In addition, the following themes will be examined:

• Import and Export, Legal Issues

• General Observations on Mexico’s cannabis industry

• Strategies to build support


  • Jason Poulos, CEO, Librede
  • Raul Elizalde, CEO HempMeds
  • Kimberly Simms, JD Simms Law
  • Chris Boudreua, CEO SD Cannabis Industry Assoc
  • Charles Gillespie, Partner, BlueBox Ventures
  • José Lugardo Espejel, Founder & CEO Grupo Sativa Health, Mexico
  • Emily Paxhia, Manager Partner, Poseidon
  • Jeremy O’keefe, CEO, Yobi
  • Christian Valdez, CEO, Traffic Roots
  • Dallin Young, President, DCY Relations
  • Parker Hinshaw, Manager Partner, Bootstrap Incubation
  • Melissa Stapley, CEO, MJ Hybrid
  • Matt Nordgren, CEO, Arcadian Fund
  • Scott Smith, CBD, Brew
  • Dave Vilapando, Excecutive Director, Lipay Nation of Santa Ysabel
  • Demitri Downing, Executive Director, Marijuana Industry Trade Association
  • Alberto Ruiz de la Peña, Technical Secretary of Senate Senate, Commission on Health, Mexico
  • Jennifer M. Sanders, Managing Partner, AURA and CEO, CNS Equity Partners



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