Mexico’s Midterm Elections and the Shifting Political Environment

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Institute of the Americas
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Luis RubioMexico’s midterm elections evidenced a rapidly evolving society. Whereas in the past only about 8% of Mexican voters split their vote, this time around there were races where up to 40% did so. In addition, incumbents were defeated in all but two of the state governorships up for grabs, and one of those two was won by 570 votes. The Mexican political environment is thus showing an odd mix of a federal government with neither the vision nor the capacity to implement its own reforms, together with an effervescent electorate.

Whatever else this might mean, the next presidential race in 2018 is likely to be like none before, with several credible candidates, a president to be elected with probably less than 30% of the vote, and an enormous task ahead.

We’re honored to host renowned Mexican political analyst Luis Rubio to discuss the outcome and the road ahead.  Dr. Rubio is the chairman of CIDAC, an independent research organization devoted to the study of economic and policy issues.  He is prolific writer on political, economic, financial and international subjects.

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