Peruvian Ambassador Castilla: Pacific Trade Blocs and the Peruvian Economy

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Institute of the Americas
10111 N. Torrey Pines Rd., La Jolla, CA, 92037
United States

The Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Pacific Alliance are shaping up to be transformative agreements on trade and integration in the 21st century: the TPP’s 12 member nations account for roughly 1/3 of global trade; the Pacific Alliance union between Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Peru accounts for more than 37% of Latin America’s GDP and provides innovative mechanisms for regional integration and cooperation.

We are honored to host Peruvian Ambassador to the United States Luis Miguel Castilla to discuss Peru’s role within each of the agreements and how the nation is defining itself on the international stage.  He will also address the outlook for Peru’s economy, frequently lauded as one of Latin America’s greatest growth stories.

Prior to his role as Ambassador, Dr. Castilla served in two presidential administrations.  He served as Minister of Economy and Finance of Peru from July 2011 to September 2014. Prior to that role, Castilla held several positions at the Ministry of Economy and Finance, including Deputy Finance Minister and Chief of Staff.  In addition, he has over fifteen years’ experience at multilateral development banks, holding senior positions.

Following the discussion, we invite you to continue the conversation at an informal cocktail reception featuring pisco sours.



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