The Trump Administration, Latin America and Energy: Mexico, Natural Gas and LNG Exports

The Trump Administration, Latin America and Energy: Mexico, Natural Gas and LNG Exports

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National Press Club, Fourth Estate Room
529 14th Street, NW, Washington, DC
United States


As global energy trade grows and the United States looks to expand oil and gas exports, Latin American countries provide significant commercial opportunities for exporters and investors alike.

The latest estimates point to the United States becoming the world’s second or third largest LNG exporter by 2020. Indeed, the boom in development of LNG export facilities will only enhance the US’s regional and global commercial energy ties. The first ever LNG exports from the US Gulf Coast shipped to Brazil while other cargoes have landed in Mexico this year. The expansion of the Panama Canal will further facilitate LNG trade and the export of US LNG cargoes to markets in the hemisphere and beyond.

Meanwhile, natural gas exports from the United States to Mexico have quadrupled over the last six years. According to the EIA, by 2019, US pipeline export capacity to Mexico is projected to almost double. Renewable energy will also be a key sector for US investment in Mexico and other countries in the region.

It remains imperative that Latin American countries and the United States strive to find mutually beneficial opportunities in order to boost energy ties and expand energy cooperation.

Join us for panel discussions aimed at understanding the role of LNG for US energy exports and commercial ties in Latin America, as well as the US-Mexico energy relationship.


  • John McCarrick, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Energy Resources, United States Department of State
  • Elizabeth Urbanas, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Asia and the Americas, Office of International Affairs, United States Department of Energy
  • Mark Nelson, Regional Vice-President, Director, Issues Management, Sempra Energy
  • Leslie Palti Guzman, Director Global Gas, Rapidan Energy Group, LLC
  • Carlos Sole, Partner & Co-Chair Latin America Practice, Baker Botts, LLP
  • Edmar Luiz de Almeida, Professor, Institute of Economy, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ)
  • Jeremy M. Martin, Vice President, Energy & Sustainability, Institute of the Americas
  • Lisa Viscidi, Director, Energy, Climate Change & Extractive Industries, Inter-American Dialogue


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