Webinar: Long-Term Regulatory Certainty in Mexico

Webinar: Long-Term Regulatory Certainty in Mexico

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Among the many critical pieces of the energy reform measures in Mexico are those that overhauled the nation’s energy regulatory bodies and institutional framework. At the core of the reform’s creation of new authorities, reforming, strengthening, and boosting the independence of previously established bodies, are efforts to insure transparency and continuity. The call for regulatory certainty and long-term stability and clarity is a familiar refrain in the energy sector.

Established in 2014, the National Agency for Industrial Safety and Environmental Protection of the Hydrocarbons Sector or ASEA was created with a wide ranging mandate for oversight of Mexico’s hydrocarbon sector and development including upstream and downstream projects, facilities and operations.

Recently the OECD presented a research study called “Driving Performance of Mexico´s Energy Regulators” that counted several recommendations to strengthen the Integrated System of Regulators in Mexico that include CNH, CRE and ASEA. One of the key recommendation focuses on the need of aligning the institutional design of ASEA to that of the CRE and CNH.

Join us for a webinar presentation featuring Carlos de Regules, ASEA’s Executive Director. De Regules will provide further insights on Mexico’s energy regulatory landscape and particularly the future of ASEA and the steps it is taking in order to achieve long-term regulatory certainty. In addition, the discussion will focus on ASEA’s priorities for 2018:
1.      Formalizing ASEA’s regulatory model
2.      Optimizing operations
3.      Expanding capacity

The webinar will be held on Thursday, March 15 at 10:00am San Diego (11:00am Mexico City; GMT/UTC – 8 hours). De Regules’ formal presentation will be followed by a Q&A session with the audience.



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