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Today you can make a small decision that will impact the world. Invest in the Institute of Americas’ 2021 STEAM education programs for children in Baja California border region, give kids on both sides of the border the gift of possibilities.

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They have the power to change the world. You have the key to change their lives

Gold STEAM Lab Sponsor


scholarships for 20 students

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covers kits for 50 students OR
scholarships for 10 students

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covers kits for 20 students OR
scholarship for 4 students


covers kits for 10 students OR
scholarship for 2 students


covers kits for 5 students OR
scholarship for 1 student


 covers kits for 2 students


covers a student kit

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Every dollar up to $25,000 you give will be matched by Jose Fimbres Mendoza and Family. Thanks for supporting our quest to develop the future geniuses


Crossborder STEAM Program

Enabling expanded human capital and workforce development is critical. One way that the Institute is promoting workforce development in the Americas is through its STEAM initiative that is helping to expand opportunities for young people to benefit from experiential learning opportunities in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics

Our Goal

By exposing middle school students to various activities highlighting an array of STEAM disciplines, students can experience these fields the right way, via hands-on, interactive content that is meaningful to their daily lives and via exposure to real-life STEAM professionals.

Our Impact

In 2019 we launched the first STEAM Lab, Since then, we have hosted three STEAM Labs and have reached 123 students.

After participating in our STEAM Labs:


of students report that they practiced collaborative skills


reported practicing
critical-thinking skills while
using scientific methods


found the content relevant
to their lives



“[I would recommend the] STEAM [lab because it is] a program like no other. In these four days… I was inspired to continue my studies and make important decisions in my life, even though I am only in middle school. [The] STEAM [Lab] taught me that it is never too early to make decisions about what you are passionate about or what you want to study.”

“What I enjoyed the most was exploring and experiencing areas of mathematics, robotics, electronics, and criminology that maybe I didn’t know I liked or was interested in, and of course learning differently than school and the traditional educational system.”

Why is it important to
support this initiative?

Opportunity to make a difference in a student’s life. STEAM is the gateway to understand and explore our world.

By exposing students to STEAM subjects and experiences, we provide them with opportunities to fulfill their potential, develop a passion, and secure a future job so that they can solve problems and contribute to society.

We are preparing the next generation of leaders, scientists, and researchers – problem solvers and collaborators.

We provide proven tools and techniques for teachers to more successfully engage their students in critical subjects and encourage their natural curiosity and relate STEAM subjects to the real world.