Energy & Sustainability

Understanding How to Power Our Future


Energy & Sustainability

Understanding How to Power Our Future

The Energy & Sustainability Program shapes public policy and informs the public on matters related to energy development, investment, natural resource use, and energy transformation in the Americas. The Institute’s energy program is one of the most internationally respected in the Western Hemisphere, leveraging global insights and experiential learning to inform regional stakeholders across sectors.



Accelerating the growth of the cleantech sector in the region

Energy Efficiency

Leveraging technology and policy to reduce consumption

Oil & Gas

Exploring important trends, challenges and opportunities

Low-Carbon Economies

Transforming energy generation & consumption and mobility

Enhanced Regional Integration

Developing win-win cross-border opportunities

Stakeholder Engagement

Managing complexity for successful outcomes


Energy Transition Initiative

The ETI engages with policymakers, businesses, and journalists from around the Americas, helping them lead the region’s transition to renewable energy.

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  Date/Time Event
Feb 28 2019 until Mar 1 2019
Two Locations
Mexico City,
Mexico Energy Roundtable: The Lopez Obrador Administration’s Energy Self-Sufficiency Goals
Energy policy and the outlook for the sector since moment Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador was elected president last July
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Argentina Rt 2019 Mar 27 2019 until Mar 28 2019
Alvear Palace Hotel
Buenos Aires,
Argentina Energy 2019: Oil & Gas, Lithium and Energy Transition
Argentina heads into a presidential electoral cycle, energy issues appear to figure prominently
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May 22 2019 until May 23 2019
Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines
La Jolla, CA
XXVIII La Jolla Energy Conference
Every May the Institute of the Americas brings together thought leaders from government, industry, and civil society to facilitate dialogue, inform rational policymaking, and foster a deeper understanding of the Western Hemisphere’s most critical energy and sustainability issues.
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Transición Energética en Centroamérica

Por muchos años, Centroamérica ha buscado la forma de alcanzar la seguridad energética de diferentes maneras. Los países han considerado una amplia gama de alternativas para reducir la importación de petróleo, como han sido la incursión del gas natural y una mayor penetración de energías renovables más allá de la hidroelectricidad.

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