ETI, Energy Transition Initiative

The ETI Program objective is to shape and inform public policies and regulatory frameworks pertaining to the energy transition and to enable the region’s transition to a more sustainable energy mix. It also fosters policies to incentivize investment in renewable technologies that will accelerate the de-carbonization of the region and boost energy security and economic development.

Private Sector Engagement

In addition to public policy, the ETI will grow to encompass direct engagement with private sector actors. These objectives align with a core pillar of the IOA’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship program: business acceleration.

• Organize delegations, roundtables and targeted technical workshops to better understand California’s rapidly expanding renewables sector.

• Leverage the IOA’s relationships with private sector actors in California and North America to work with Latin American companies seeking to scale up and expand their networks throughout the region.

The ETI will engage with policymakers, journalists, and private sector actors from around the region. Given the geographical diversity of IOA’s longstanding Energy & Sustainability Program, policy expertise is not limited to one country.

Priority Areas

Renewable Energy

Policy analysis for Distributed Generation and utility scale projects (energy auctions)


Including the analysis of energy tariff structure and how different applications of batteries fit into markets and improve grid conditions.


Policies to decarbonize public and private transportation, analysis of policy incentives and subsidies





Contact Us

Cecilia Aguillon

 Director of the Energy Transition Initiative

+1 (858)453-5560 Ext. 122

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