“Where Europe and Latin America Meet for Energy Dialogue”

“Where Europe and Latin America Meet for Energy Dialogue”









Why the Madrid Energy Conference?

The September 2019 Madrid Energy Conference will be groundbreaking: An international assembly of top level business executives and government officials from Latin America, Europe, and the world will come together to explore the vast cross-regional opportunities at the intersection of E&P, infrastructure, renewables, and finance. The conference will gather the brightest minds and the most engaging and well-respected commercial, policy, and regulatory thought leaders throughout the region.

Latin America is shaking up its energy mix with record-setting renewable energy investment and aggressive E&P bid rounds in nearly every major energy-producing country. On top of that, the region’s largest oil-producing nations held presidential elections in 2018. This dynamic environment demands that energy sector players reassess the market and actively pursue new stakeholder engagement strategies.

The Madrid Energy Conference 2019 will give participants the opportunity to:

  • Connect with newly-appointed energy officials and other key decision makers to catalyze industry connections and partnerships.
  • Cultivate open dialogue across the energy value chain.
  • Review investment opportunities and assess risks in Latin America’s US$ 100 billion energy industry.
  • Debate innovative approaches on energy transition, regulatory and financial challenges, and government plans to support sector investment.

Hosted by recognized industry leaders:

  •  The Institute of the Americas, with 27 years of experience actively cultivating energy development through its showcase La Jolla Energy Conference.
  • IPD Latin America, LLC, with 20 years of on-the-ground consulting for a wide array of global energy decision-makers.



7:00 – 9:00  Conference Opening – Museum Cocktail

8:00     Coffee/Light Breakfast Networking

9:00    Keynote Opening Panel: Global Outlook for Energy Transition             

10:15   Coffee Break 

10:45  Panel Discussion: Political Leadership in the Americas – A New Era in Policy?

The 2018 political shifts throughout the region will drive near-term policy evolution across the region. This panel will give investors a first look at the new administrations’ vision, and their potential impact on energy policy. 

11:45  Panel Discussion: Latin America’s Energy Transition, the 3 D’s (Decentralization, Decarbonization, and Digitalization) and How Companies Can Address Global Energy Transformation

As the world moves toward sustainable energy sources, traditional oil and gas producers have begun to reinvent themselves. This discussion will showcase why the world’s major energy producing companies are fundamentally changing their businesses — and how they intend to shape the future.

1:00     Networking Luncheon

2:30    Panel Discussion: Where do National Oil Companies Fit into Latin America’s Energy Future?

How will NOCs throughout Latin America evolve to stay relevant operationally, financially, and strategically as the world shifts its energy focus?

3:30    Panel Discussion: Regulatory Risk

The strength and predictability of a country’s regulatory framework impacts the direction of investment flows. Three-fourths of total energy sector investment originates from the private sector. This panel will focus on the steps various Latin American countries are taking to strengthen their regulatory framework, and which of those efforts will have the biggest impact.

4:30    Panel Discussion: Energy Transition – Identifying Priorities for Capital Investors

The competition for capital in Latin America’s energy sector has never been greater. Several countries are hosting competing bid rounds, there is an urgent need for major infrastructure, and renewable energy investment has gained significant traction. Many firms that have long focused on oil and gas have pivoted to include electricity and renewables as part of their revised strategic vision. What is the model that will deliver shareholder and investor returns in a market with tight margins and growing competition? Where is capital flowing, and what are the principal factors driving decision-making?

5:30    Concurrent Roundtables

  • Natural Gas and Renewable Energy – Not-So-Secret Friends?
  • Battery and Energy Storage
  • Carbon Tax: Building Clear, Predictable Policy

8:00     Coffee/Light Breakfast Networking

 9:00    Panel Discussion: The Future Customer 

The way consumers think about energy is changing rapidly.  More and more consumers are demanding that their energy come from renewable sources.  They have a clear preference for environmentally friendly options, and they expect the options to purchase energy to be as innovative as the means by which they consume energy.

10:00  Panel Discussion: The Renewable Energy Wave in Latin America – Assessing Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS), the Role of Long-Term Auctions, and What Governments are Doing to Drive Sustainable Business Prospects

Renewables are sweeping across Latin America. The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) states that solar, geothermal, and wind sources now provide more than 10 GW of installed capacity across the region. Over the last three years, Brazil, Chile, and Mexico have ranked among the top ten global renewable energy markets for investment. Long-term auctions have spurred competition and positioned renewables as a competitive component of the energy supply mix. Many countries have set specific clean energy goals and policy direction. In some cases, they have also defined financing support to ensure that renewables are deployed. But important questions remain: Will projects be delivered on time? Will they come in at the auction-determined prices?

11:00   Coffee Break

11:30  Panel Discussion: Latin America’s Natural Gas Outlook – Assessing Market Development, Overcoming Infrastructure Challenges, and Seizing Midstream Growth and Opportunities

Energy consumption in Latin America has burgeoned. With access to some of the cheapest natural gas in the world, the region’s need to build more robust and redundant infrastructure has become critical. As natural gas has become the transition hydrocarbon of choice, this panel will examine:

  • Where Latin America will source its energy
  • How much gas production will cost
  • How supply and demand can be balanced regionally to create economies of scale
  • What and where the major investment opportunities in the region will be

12:30   Networking Luncheon

2:00    Panel Discussion: Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Emissions – Debating Low Carbon Solutions, Managing Methane and Carbon Taxes, Transport, and Infrastructure

This panel will examine global macro scenarios for energy sector carbon emissions and extrapolate scenarios for Latin America. It will take a deep dive into the region’s most advanced policies and look at how key countries are assessing their own impact and policy.

3:00    Panel Discussion: Social License to Operate

Healthy, constructive, local-level relationships have become more critical than ever. Failure to properly identify, assess, and establish sustainable relationships with surrounding communities, local government officials, and other key actors can cause costly delays, and impact a company’s reputation. Social issues have had an enormous impact on energy sector development — the renewables sector has not been immune. What are the best practices, and why?

4:30     Closing Networking Reception


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