Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Growing And Connecting Innovation Ecosystems
Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Growing And Connecting Innovation Ecosystems
We believe in the potential of innovation and collaboration to drive forward economies in the 21st century. The Innovation & Entrepreneurship Program connects stakeholders across the Americas to expand access to best practices and opportunities. We engage businesses, policymakers, media, and civil society through targeted, hands-on programs. Through our three program pillars, we work at different stages of the innovation process, from training students to helping startups secure access to capital.


Education & Capacity Building

We educate students, teachers, policymakers, businesses, and public leaders to develop the region’s next generation of innovators.

Research & Knowledge

Through our research, workshops, and publications, we improve understanding of the factors that drive innovation and technological advance in Latin America.

Business Acceleration

We work with Latin America’s most creative companies, giving them access to our network of partners and connecting them with opportunities across the hemisphere.


Energy & Sustainability
Water & Oceans
Agriculture & Food
Life Sciences & Biotech


La Jolla and Thousand Oaks Welcome Top Argentinian Science Journalists For a Biomedicine Workshop

With over 200 established biotechnology companies, Argentina has the second largest concentration per capita in Latin America. The largest category of biotech companies in Argentina belongs to Human Health. Its R&D investment intensity surpasses that of the Seed...

Opportunities in Engineering & Business – What can STEM do for your?

The Institute of the Americas is collaborating with the San Diego Unified STEAM Leadership Series, the San Diego Unified School District, lead sponsor the Moxie Foundation, and others, in a major event in December 6, 2017, in order to underscore the importance of...

International Forum: State, U.S. Economies Depend on Strong Trade Opportunities

For more than the last half century, the U.S. has led the world in breaking down barriers to trade and in creating a fairer and freer international trading system based on market economics and the rule of law. Increased market access achieved through trade agreements has played a major role in the nation’s success as the world’s leading exporter.

Las universidades no son fábricas de startups

En el marco del 7Âş Seminario Taller Prodem fue entrevistado Carlos MartĂ­nez Vela, vicepresidente de InnovaciĂłn & Entrepreneurship en el Instituto de la

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