Science & Innovation Summer Camp

The Science & Innovation Camp will provide cutting edge instructors and state-of-the-art facilities for talented Latin American, Caribbean, and Spanish first-language U.S. high school-level students. The scholars will have one-on-one collaborations with university professors, laboratory & field experience, and site visits, at one of the most prestigious science and technology universities in the nation.

The Experience

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The program extends beyond science education; it provides young scholars a wide range of science experiences to help them discover that the world of science is well within their grasp and reestablishes the importance of an interdisciplinary methodology based on practical skills rather than mere theoretical science concepts. By the completion of the program, students become Institute of the Americas STEAM Ambassadors, have direct access to an international alumni network, and understand that their scientific aspirations are not limited by their backgrounds, ethnicities, or socio-economic statuses, if they wish to pursue a STEAM career.

Scholarship Application
The basic requirements for this program are:
  1. Age between 14-18 years
  2. Have completed 1 science course
  3. Current student at “pre-university” or “high school” level
  4. Interest in studying Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics at university level
  5. Spanish speaker
  6. GPA of 3.5 or higher

Apply now for the Science & Innovation Summer Camp University of California San Diego – June 23-July 6, 2019

Summer Camp Application Form

1) Clases de ciencia: 2) Calificaciones/Grados:
Entre 450-600 palabras
Entre 450-600 palabras
Entre 450-600 palabras

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