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In 2019, the Institute added a new program component, STEAM Labs. STEAM Labs provide experiential learning opportunities for students to expose them to a variety of STEAM subjects especially ones they may not have opportunity to experience at school. Students also interact with university students majoring in STEAM degrees and young STEAM professionals who act as mentors and role models providing practical advice on university coursework, and details about STEAM jobs. STEAM Labs are a critical piece of the Institute’s STEAM Initiative goal to encourage students to pursue STEAM college degrees and ultimately careers in STEAM fields to become the next generation of STEAM leaders, scientists and innovators.

STEAM Labs are:

• Multi-day programs designed for 11 to 17-year-olds.
• Held virtually or in-person, at the Institute and across the region.
• Designed to provide STEAM content in an interactive and engaging way to spark interest in these fields.

Program Outcomes

Inspiring the STEAM Professionals of tomorrow

• Middle and high school students are exposed to multiple STEAM fields via hands-on activities with real-world applications.

• Students practice and develop skills such as critical-thinking, problem-solving, and collaborative skills necessary for success in STEAM careers and beyond.

• Students receive academic and career advice from Latinx role models and mentors.

• Students are encouraged to pursue STEAM college degrees, and careers after graduation.


OnLine Programming

In 2019, our pilot STEAM Lab was held at the Institute’s headquarters in San Diego, California and welcomed local middle school students for a 1-day introductory coding session to design a basic video game.

Due to COVID-19, we shifted to online programming. In 2020, we welcomed students from Tijuana, Ensenada and Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico to our virtual STEAM Lab where they explored chemistry and forensic science, robotics and programming, and mathematics. To continue delivering high quality learning opportunities to our students, we provided kits containing the materials required to participate in each session so that they could conduct activities/experiments at home by following along with the instructor’s live virtual lesson.

Students also participated in a mentoring panel session where Latinx STEAM professionals in the fields of engineering, education, and medicine shared their experiences and provided educational and professional advice.

Gold STEAM Labs Sponsor


scholarships for 20 students

Silver STEAM Labs Sponsor


covers kits for 50 students OR
scholarships for 10 students

Bronze STEAM Labs Sponsor


covers kits for 20 students OR
scholarship for 4 students


covers kits for 10 students OR
scholarship for 2 students


covers kits for 5 students OR
scholarship for 1 student


 covers kits for 2 students


covers a student kit



What Students are Saying

“Thanks to today’s session… I think I improved in the programming part. I had already had classes about robotics which I love. I would like to continue studying robotics, but I had never understood the programming part very well. So what we learned about programming on Arduino will serve me well.”

Kenji V.

November 2020

“…I recommend [the] STEAM [Lab] because it is not like in school, where we usually only read and listen, because in STEAM I was able to get involved and experiment in it. I was able to enjoy and learn more about subjects that I previously considered ‘boring’.”

Eunice S.

July 2020

“I loved being able to participate in this STEAM course. It made me realize what career[s] I would like to study [and] I discovered new areas of mathematics like topology. I highly recommend this course.”

Anyai B.

November 2020

“[I would recommend the] STEAM [Lab because it is] a program like no other. I was inspired to continue my studies and make important decisions in my life even though I am only in high school.”

Ana L.

July 2020


Students report that they practiced collaborative skills


Found the content relevant to their lives


reported practicing critical-thinking skills while using scientific methods

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STEAM Program Assistant Director

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