The STEAM Programs distinguishes itself by being the only professional development program to offer its curriculum entirely in Spanish to talented young scholars and instructors from low-income and undeserved backgrounds.

Our Commitment to the Next Generation

The Science & Innovation Summer Camp and the Professional Workshop for STEM Instructors Series exposes all of its participants, in equal male: female ratios, to elite one-on-one collaborations with university scientists & researches in a wide range of studies, while simultaneously having the opportunity to exchange their cultural background and further develop their leadership skills in a multi-region setting only the STEAM Programs can provide.

Through its local and international programming, the Institute of the Americas is able to encourage and shape students to become scientific leaders in the 21st century.

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STEAM Instructors Workshops

The Institute of the Americas Professional Workshop for STEAM Instructors for high school instructors will be held on the University of California, San Diego campus.

The annual Workshop for STEAM Instructors, complementary to the Science and Innovation camp, engages high school instructors in an idea-generating program designed to promote innovative teaching techniques in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEAM).

During the five-day workshop, Instructors will have a hands-on laboratory experience and learn applicable teaching methods that make these vitally important subjects exciting and accessible to students. This unique opportunity provides instructors with innovative skill sets to further their professional development in order to instruct throughout their region in new creative ways that will encourage their students to become the next generation of scientists.

The instructors will be asked to develop and deliver a presentation on new teaching methods and experiments that can be included in their own classrooms, applying what they learn during the workshop alongside the mentorship from professors. During the workshop, UC San Diego professors and regional college professors will facilitate dialogue throughout the week on ways that science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics can lead to an exciting career path for their students.


Countries IOA STEAM is Active

IOA STEAM Graduates

Our Programs

Science & Innovation Summer Camp

The Institute of the Americas Science and Innovation Summer Camp for high school students (14-18 years old) is held each summer on the University of California, San Diego campus.

Workshop for STEAM Instructors

The five-day workshop, engages high school instructors in an idea-generating program designed to promote innovative teaching techniques in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM).

International Editions

Given the success of the STEAM Programs in La Jolla and the impact it has created among its students and instructors, the Institute has launched a Professional Workshop specifically designed for Mexican and Argentine STEAM Instructors.

STEAM Events

  Date/Time Event
Jul 19 2020 until Aug 1 2020
Institute of the Americas
La Jolla, CA
STEAM Science & Innovation Summer Camp 2020
The Science & Innovation Camp will provide cutting edge instructors and state-of-the-art facilities for talented Latin American, Caribbean, and Spanish first-language U.S. high school-level students.
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Our Alumni are Invested in Long-Term Hemispheric Impact

By means of an alumni page and social media, the Institute of the Americas maintains contact with students and educators throughout their enrollment process to university, pursuit of STEAM-related careers, and implementation of practical science curriculum.

Many of the Science & Innovation Summer Camp alumni have already been admitted to prestigious universities throughout the hemisphere and are currently pursuing studies in diverse STEAM fields.

Proving that commitment to STEAM education can surpass any barriers; alumni from the 2015 professional teacher’s workshop continue to construct an interactive science curriculum linking Mexico and Chile in an innovative real time online-virtual classroom session where students from both schools learn together about biology and robotics overcoming distance in their common goal to learn science.

More Information About Our Programs:

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The opportunity to conduct multiple activities in the Science Camp was the most epic experience I have.

Euler Capto Elvites

Science Camp 2016, Peru

Without a doubt one of the most significant experiences in my personal life and professional career.

Alejandra Vidales

Instructors 2017, Uruguay

I will always be grateful to have been able to be in the Science Camp and having lived two unforgettable weeks.

Naomi Racine

Camp Ciencia 2014, Panamá

Enriching experience which allowed for a transformational growth at a personal and professional level. 

Lucia Margni

Instructors 2017, Uruguay

The program helped me to reinforce my career choice. I am currently pursuing a career in computer engineering.

Angeline Matos Borges

Camp Ciencia 2016, Venezuela

I have uniquely incorporated the tools and topics that I learned in La Jolla within the institution where I work.

Ernesto Márquez Fragoso

Instructors 2015, Mexico

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Rebecca Hernández

Assistant Director, STEAM Program

(858) 453-5560 ext 121

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