Science Camp Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for the Science and Innovation Camp?

Current high school students who meets the program’s requirements. The applicant has to have a strong desire to pursue a STEM career in university, be bilingual in Spanish, have taken at least one science course in high school level, within the age 14-18 years, and an overall GPA of 3.5.

Do I have to be fluent in Spanish to participate?
How much does the summer camp cost and what does it include? Do I have to pay for it myself or are there scholarships available?
When and where is the Summer Camp?
How do I apply for the Science and Innovation Summer Camp?
Is there a GPA requirement in order to participate?
What is a typical day like in the Science and Innovation Summer Camp
How does on-campus housing work?
Who is the STEM Team?
Am I going to receive college or high school credits for participating?
Can I participate more than once in the Science and Innovation Summer Camp?
If I am not selected for the Science and Innovation Summer Camp, can I apply again the following year?
Can I bring my electronic devices to the camp? (Tablets, cell phones, laptops, cameras, etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions for Parents/Guardians

What is the level of supervision that the students have?

The camp is designed with the safety and wellness of all participants as its main priority.  Participants are instructed to stay with the group at all times, a Program Assistant or a Residential Advisor always accompanies the students, they are not allowed to explore or venture on their own without having supervision from one of the team members. Any excursions on and off campus are supervised at all times. There is a strict 10 p.m. curfew for the students while they are in the dorms, which is overseen by the Residential Advisors. UC San Diego residential areas also maintain 24/7 security and the STEM Team is available at all times as well.

Do I have to provide transportation to the camp in La Jolla, CA?
Can my child leave if they have other commitments during the implementation of the camp?
Can I authorize my child to have more independence?
When/How, can I communicate with my child during the camp?
What do I do if my child expresses to me that they are homesick and feel melancholic?
Can I visit my child?
If my child has certain medical needs, what should I do in order to get the assistance they will need during the camp?

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