Elena is a reservoir geologist, with a PhD in Isotope Geochemistry and a deep background in the oil and gas business as Geoscience, Reservoir and lately Energy Transitions Advisor.

She is expert on multidisciplinary methodologies and strategies on oil and gas fields development planning, enhanced oil recovery,  optimisation and CCUS.

Two key supranational  experiences have landmarked her career: leading the Energy Resource Efficiency and Sustainability taskforce  – ERES – during the 2018 G20-B20 of Argentina as B20 Officer; and vice-chairing  the Horizon 2020 EU Energy and Environment Programme for 10 years, evaluating academia-industry projects on modern energy resources, strategies and  practices.

Elena is co-founder of because energy matterS, an ESG technical consultancy firm for fast-forwarding carbon neutrality, energy transitions, climate finance, disruptive and legitimate business strategies in public and private sectors.

Elena is a thinker and doer of diversity and inclusion, talent and fairness practices to accompany the energy industry one step ahead during this decade of action.
Her latest formal learning comes from the Harvard Business School and is focused on Disruptive Strategies.
Her current position in because energy matterS is  Managing Director Carbon Neutrality and Modern Energy.