Hubert is the Manager of Information Security, and CIP Senior Manager Delegate, of the California ISO. Prior to joining the ISO, Hubert worked for SIEMENS in Minneapolis in the Smartgrid Division, which develops and deploys substation automation, SCADA and Energy Management Systems worldwide. Hubert was born and raised in Madrid, Spain where he completed High School. He has a Diploma of Electrical Engineering from Technical University of Vienna, Austria and an MBA from the University of Minnesota.

At the ISO, Hubert manages a team of eight security analysts and four technical administrators. Since Hubert joined the ISO in July 2012, the ISO has been working on improving its Information Security related processes to be ISO 27000 compliant with the goal of reaching maturity level 3 and higher. As part of this process, the team has been measuring improvements through different metrics such as SIEM events, threat hunting exercises, vulnerability scores, malware detections and monthly phishing awareness test results. Through continuous improvement in the form of best practice technologies, processes and user awareness programs, some of these metrics have been continuously improving to near zero averages.

The ISO collaborates nationwide on cyber security matters with the DHS/FBI, US-CERT, E-ISAC, MS-ISAC, California Cybersecurity Integration Center and actively participates in DOE, North Transmission Forum, the ISO/RTO Council, GO15 Reliable and Sustainable Power Grids, and the WECC Cyber Security Work Groups. The ISO is also an active participant of NERC GridEx, a bi-annual national sector-wide grid security exercise.

The California Independent System Operator (California ISO) is a non-profit Independent System Operator (ISO) serving California. It oversees the operation of California’s bulk electric power system, transmission lines, and electricity market generated and transmitted by its member utilities.

Furthermore the California ISO operates the Western Energy Imbalance Market (EIM), is a real-time wholesale energy market, the first of its kind in the western U.S. The footprint now includes portions of Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming, even extending to the Canadian border.

Due to its vital function to the electric grid the ISO is required to meet NERC’s CIP requirements. The NERC CIP ( North American Electric Reliability Corporation critical infrastructure protection) plan is a set of requirements designed to secure the assets required for operating North America’s bulk electric system.

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