Studies & Skills

Chemical Engineer: Universidad de la Republica Oriental del Uruguay(1995-2001).
Master in Environmental Science: environmental sociology; economic valuation of ecosystems; eco-toxicology – exposition and effects of environmental pollutants; lipids metabolism and analysis techniques; environmental planning and conservation. Universidad de la Republica Oriental del Uruguay (2002).
ISO 9000:2000 Quality Management: Uruguayan Institute of Technical Norms – UNIT, Uruguay (2002).
Logistics integrated into customer services: CIDEL, Uruguay (2003).
Industrial costs: Renglon Uno, Uruguay (2003).
Atmospheric emissions: Cleaner Production Center, Universidad de Montevideo, Uruguay. (2008).
Introduction to the gas industry: Argentinean Oil and Gas Institute, Argentina (2009).
Introduction to carbon markets: GHG Management Institute. (e-learning, 2009)
CDM Programs: CFC, AECID,RIOCC, ECLAC, World Bank, Uruguay (2010).
Hydrocarbons refining and logistics: YPF Training Program, Argentina (2010).
Marketing Specialization Program. IAE Business School – Universidad Austral. Argentina (2011).
English (excellently spoken & written). Higher examination level approved: University of Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English.


ARPEL: more than 15 years of management of regional projects involving upper managers, managers, and experts from oil and gas companies mainly in Latin America and the Caribbean but also from outside the region, some involving external consultants or jointly developed with external institutions in the region, either financed internally or externally (by international institutions); management of regional and international networks of specialists; institutional representation at international and regional forums; development of several communication activities such as presentations in regional and international events, development of documents, etc; technical assistance such as the development of benchmarking activities among member companies; design and maintenance of databases; organization of bilingual regional seminars and congresses of more than 100 participants located in different countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, including the development of agendas, search for best-in-class speakers, moderating, leading breakout sessions, reporting, etc. The technical scope of the projects and activities stated above is on downstream and midstream of oil and gas, downstream of biofuels, as well as corporate issues regarding climate change, energy efficiency, and occupational health and safety.

Prior to ARPEL: coordination of environmental research projects in the Chemical Institute of the Universidad de la Republica Oriental del Uruguay; coordination of national projects on wastes management jointly developed by the University and the Environmental Regulatory Agency in Uruguay; quality control of raw materials, intermediates and products at ICI (multinational paints company); project coordinator for the installation of the first headquarters abroad of a Uruguayan textile industry in association with a multinational textile partner.