Raúl D. Bertero graduated as Civil Engineer from the University of Buenos Aires. In 1992, the School of Engineering of the University of California at Berkeley granted him the degree of Master of Science in Engineering. In 2002 he earned a Ph.D. in Engineering from the University of Buenos Aires.

Mr. Bertero is currently a member of the following professional associations: Professional Council of Civil Engineering, Structural Engineers Association, American Society of Civil Engineers and American Concrete Institute (ACI).  Since November 2009 he is a Member of the National Academy of Engineering in Argentina.

Mr. Bertero serves as Vice-dean of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Buenos Aires (elected for the 2018-2022 period). He is also Director of the Interdisciplinary Master in Energy of the University of Buenos Aires (from 2011 up to present) and President of the Center of Studies of Energy Regulatory Activities (CEARE).

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