Rene Roger Tissot is an economist, MBA and a CPA with deep experience in international energy policy and geopolitics. Roger started his career at the Canadian Energy Research InsƟtute (CERI), where he led the Institute’s international research, particularly in Latin America. He also worked as international government relations for a large Canadian oil company with largely focused on Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, and Argentina. Later at Washington based consultancy he advised energy corporaƟons on LaƟn America’s energy policy issues. More recently, Roger led program at Kapsarc, a Saudi energy economic think-tank research on policy evaluation and design on in-country value addition and local content in the oil sector. His research focused on East Africa, parƟcularly Uganda and Mozambique. Since completing his assignment in Saudi Arabia, Roger has advised different organizations and recently completed a study for the Sultanate of Oman on the In-Country Value-added and local content policies. Roger is also engaged in work on a PhD in Global Studies at the University of British Columbia (Okanagan).

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