Thore E. Kristiansen is the COO at Galp Energia, Portugal’s oil and natural gas integrated operator. Mr. Kristiansen is responsible for Galp Energia’s global Exploration and Production activities and is a member of the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors.

Galp’s activities span from exploration and production of oil and natural gas to refining and marketing oil products, natural gas marketing and sales and power generation. Galp Energia E&P activities are expanding strongly worldwide and are predominantly located in Brazil, Angola and Mozambique.

Previously, Mr. Kristiansen has served in a wide range of key international leadership positions for Statoil ASA, one of the world’s leading energy suppliers and deep water operators.

As Statoil’s Senior Vice President for Development and Production in South America and President for Statoil Brazil, Mr. Kristiansen was responsible for one of Statoil’s largest offshore operatorship outside Norway. Kristiansen’s key objectives were to maximize production in a safe and efficient manner, develop new projects, optimize portfolio and secure new business development opportunities for Statoil in the region.

Mr. Kristiansen’s previous company experience includes Senior Vice President for Development and Production in South America and Sub-Sahara Africa, President of Statoil Venezuela, Head of US Investor Relations, Vice President and Head of Corporate M&A and President of Statoil Deutschland GmbH.

His assignments for Statoil have provided Mr. Kristiansen with a valued opportunity to live and work in a variety of countries and cultures, including Brazil, Venezuela, Denmark, the U.K., the U.S., Germany and Norway. Mr. Kristiansen earned his Master of Science degree in Petroleum Engineering from the Stavanger University and his business degree from The Norwegian School of Management.