Alfonso Blanco

Alfonso Blanco

Since the beginning of 2017, Alfonso Blanco Bonilla has held the position of Executive Secretary of the Latin American Energy Organization, elected by the Meeting of Energy Ministers of Latin America and the Caribbean for the period 2017-2020. He holds a degree in Industrial Mechanical Engineering from the University of the Republic of Uruguay, a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the ORT University and a Diploma in Economics from UdelaR. He has a broad background as an Energy specialist in Latin America with an emphasis on regulatory issues, energy policy, project formulation and evaluation, business development and financing models. Prior to his current position at OLADE, he was a consultant for the World Bank, IDB, CAF and the United Nations and held senior positions within the Uruguayan government, leading various components of Uruguay’s energy transformation that began in 2005. He has participated in the formulation, evaluation, execution, start-up, and management of programs and projects for the public and private sectors and in direct liaison with international organizations.

Jose Luis Manzano

Jose Luis Manzano

José Luis Manzano is an Argentine businessman with a deep understanding of Latin American public policy and global emerging markets. He possesses significant experience in the investment, media, energy and distress industries. He speaks frequently across the world on these issues. Dr. Manzano founded the international firm Integra Capital, a private equity and merchant banking firm. Integra also provides services such as mergers and acquisitions, financial structuring, IPOs, due diligence procedures, debt and company restructuring, among others.

Dr. Manzano and his family are relevant shareholders of Phoenix Global Resources, a company engaged in the exploration and production of oil and gas with activity in Argentina. PGR is listed in the London Stock Exchange, AIM Market, and the Stock Exchange of Buenos Aires, produces 10.000 barrels of oil per day and has more than 60 million barrels of proven reserves and 300 million barrels of unconventional resources. Dr Manzano is also a relevant investor in Interoil, an exploration and production company listed in the Oslo stock exchange that produces 1600bopd in Colombia.

Dr. Manzano is the major shareholder of Integra Oil & Gas, an oil production company that produces 4000 bopd in Venezuela. He is also a major shareholder in Integra Gas Distribution in partnership with Mercuria Energy Trading. Integra Gas Distribution is a significant shareholder of Metrogas, the gas distribution company of Buenos Aires serving more than 10 million people. He is also a relevant shareholder of Edemsa, the distribution electricity company of the province of Mendoza, HIDROELECTRICA AMEGHINO, a hidroplant producing 60 megas and Altus, a winery producer of premium wines in Argentina.

In relation to the media industry, Dr. Manzano is a major shareholder of Grupo America, the second by size argentine media group he co-founded in 1996. The group owns TV stations, news channels, radios and newspapers, including America Tv, the national leader on live television and El Cronista Comercial, the more prestigious business and finance newspaper of Argentina and radio La Red, leader in sports and news.

In mining, Integra has invested extensively in uranium exploration in the province of Chubut in Argentina and in lithium in Jujuy and Catamarca, at the lithium triangle where is developing over 400.000 has.

Prior to his business career, Mr. Manzano was active in the Peronist party where he was Secretary General. He served as majority leader in the lower house of Argentina’s National Congress from 1983 to 1991 and was appointed as Homeland Security Minister under President Carlos Menem between 1991 and 1993.

Dr. Manzano is a relevant donor to several educational organizations and charities. Dr. Manzano is the President of Universidad de Congreso, where he is actively involved in academics and research activities. He has developed activities with the climate change organization of Novel Awards Al Gore and the Clinton Global Initiative. He is also active with the UK Argentinean Chamber of Commerce and the Cámara de Comercio Argentino Norteamericana.

He is a sponsor of the Chinese House of Culture in Buenos Aires. He was a member of the B20, the business group in support of the G20 Argentine presidency. Dr Manzano is a regular participant of the activities of the Council of The Americas and the Americas Society. Dr Manzano is a member of the Energy Steering Committee of the Institute of The Americas, and also a board member of the Institute of The Americas at UCSD.

Since 2019, Dr Manzano is the Chairman of the European Chapter of the Eisenhower Fellowships. Furthermore, he advises and cooperates with IPS Latin America and IPS Consortium, a global news agency member of the UN system of which University of Congreso is one of the anchor institutions.

Dr. Manzano received his Medical Doctorate and his Post Degree specialization in Occupational Health from the National University of Cuyo. He has been a Visiting Scholar at both Georgetown University and the University of California at San Diego.

He has received an International Business Certificate and an International Finance Certificate from Georgetown University. He has received a diploma in Leadership from Oxford University and lectured at prestigious universities in Argentina, Japan, Europe and the United States.

Clarissa Lins

Clarissa Lins

Clarissa is the founding partner of Catavento, a consultancy on strategy and sustainability, and Senior Fellow at CEBRI’s Infrastructure and Energy Program. Since November 2019, Clarissa is the President of the Brazilian Petroleum Institute (IBP).

Clarissa is also a member of Suzano’s Sustainability Committee and the Global Future Council on the Future of Energy at the World Economic Forum. She served on Petrobras’ Board of Directors (2018 to 2019), chaired the HSE Committee and was a member of the Audit Committee. She also served on the Sustainability Committee of Vale’s Board of Directors (2017 to 2019) and on Shell’s External Review Committee (2012 to 2015).

Clarissa is an economist by training and holds her bachelor and master’s degrees from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio).

Carlos de Regules

Carlos de Regules

Mr. de Regules is an expert in regulation, strategic planning, safety and environmental risk management and climate change, with particular experience in the oil and gas sector. He is a partner at Deloitte, focusing on risk management in the energy sector across Latin America

As a consultant, he recently helped the Government of Guyana build new institutional capacities for the oversight of petroleum operations and advised the Water Industry Commission of Scotland in the implementation of new collaborative approaches in the regulatory process. He also participated as a peer reviewer in regulatory assessments in the transportation sector in Peru and the energy sector in Ireland.

In 2014-18, Mr. de Regules led the creation of Mexico´s ASEA, the national agency for safety and environmental protection in the hydrocarbon sector, responsible for regulating, permitting and supervising a 22 thousand regulated entities industry. In this capacity, he was responsible for the establishment of a comprehensive risk-based, performance-oriented regulatory model, and issued, among other regulations, the first methane emissions regulations for the oil and gas industry at the national level in Latin America.

Prior to that, during his 18 years career at Petróleos Mexicanos he held different responsibilities, namely as Deputy Director for Strategic and Operational Planning, responsible for the development of the strategic planning process and the integration of the business plan, and as Environmental Protection Manager, responsible for the development of the sustainability portfolio of initiatives.

Mr. de Regules holds a BSc in Chemical Engineering from Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey and an MSc in Environmental Engineering and Management from École Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris.

He is a fellow of the Leadership for Environment and Development (LEAD) International Network, and a frequent participant at OECD’s Network of Economic Regulators, Chatham House´s New Petroleum Producers Group and the International Energy Agency´s Methane Guiding Principles Network.

Francisco Javier Lopez

Francisco Javier Lopez

Ingeniero comercial de la Universidad Católica y máster en Administración de Empresas y máster en Administración Pública de la Universidad de Harvard.

Su trayectoria profesional se inició entre 2000 y 2010 en la empresa asesora de finanzas corportivas Asset Chile.

El año 2010 se unió al primer gobierno del Presidente Sebastián Piñera como jefe de gabinete del ministro de Interior Rodrigo Hinzpeter, donde ocupó un rol preponderante en el Comité de Emergencia creado para enfrentar la reconstrucción del país tras el terremoto de febrero de 2010.

El 29 de julio de 2011 asumió como subsecretario de Vivienda, donde continuó con la labor de reconstrucción, potenciando el rol de desarrollo urbano del ministerio.

Posteriormente, el 24 de julio de 2013 asumió como ministro de Trabajo y Previsión Social, desde donde se abocó a extender la Sala Cuna a todas las mujeres trabajadoras, misión que definió entonces como un proyecto que “empareja la cancha entre los niños”.

Tras desempeñar diversas labores en el sector privado, en enero de 2019 asumió la responsabilidad de dirigir el Fondo de Infratructura, una nueva empresa del Estado que tiene el objetivo de desarrollar nueva infraestructura pública como carreteras, trenes y puertos.

Ahora asume un desafío aún mayor. Encabezar el ministerio de Energía que tiene por misión conducir a Chile hacia una nueva matriz energética, más verde, descarbonizada, con énfasis en las energías renovables no convencionales y con la misión de encaminar a Chile a ser neutro en emisión de carbono.

Tiene 43 años y está casado con la historiadora Luz María Diaz de Valdés.

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