Guillermo Nielsen

Guillermo Nielsen

Mr. Guillermo Nielsen became Chairman of YPF, Argentina’s leading energy company, in December 2019. With an extensive experience in both the private and public sector, in Argentina and abroad, he is also a Member of the Board of Grupo San José (Spain) and of Carlos Casado (Argentina).

He served as Secretary of Finance of Argentina’s Ministry of Economy and Production (2002-2005). In that role, he led the restructuring of Argentina’s public debt and two stand-by agreements with the IMF, which was at the time the largest and most complex restructuring in history. He was later appointed Minister of Treasury of the City of Buenos Aires (2006) and Argentina’s Ambassador in the Federal Republic of Germany (2008-2010).

Previously, he was President & CEO of UNITEC SemiCondutores (Brazil), and an executive of Socma Americana and The Campbell Soup Company. He also served as Trade Negotiator in GATT – General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade and with the EEC – European Economic Community (Belgium), and was Chief Economist at the Argentine thinktank FIEL – FundaciĂłn de Investigaciones EconĂłmicas Latinoamericanas.

He obtained a degree in Economics from Universidad de Buenos Aires, and he is a Ph.D. Candidate and holds a M.A. in Economics from Boston University. He currently serves as Consulting Member of the Argentine thinktank CARI – Consejo Argentino para las Relaciones Internacionales.

Juan Jose Carbajales

Juan Jose Carbajales

Subsecretario de Hidrocarburos de la NaciĂłn – SecretarĂ­a de EnergĂ­a – Ministerio de Desarrollo Productivo de la RepĂşblica Argentina.

Representante de la Secretaría de Energía ante los foros: OPEP+, EITI y Grupo de Cambio Climático.

Abogado, Licenciado en Ciencia PolĂ­tica y Magister en Derecho Administrativo.

Docente universitario en UBA (CEARE), FLACSO y UNPaz.

Autor del libro: Las sociedades anĂłnimas bajo injerencia estatal (SABIE).

Representante del Estado Nacional en puestos directivos y alta gerencia en empresas energéticas: YPF, ENARSA, Transener y EBISA.

Pablo Zarate

Pablo Zarate

Pablo Zárate is a managing director within the Strategic Communications segment at FTI Consulting. He is based in Mexico City.

Mr. Zárate heads the firm’s Strategic Communications team in Mexico, focusing on special situations: public affairs, regulatory issues, litigation processes, complex financial transactions and crisis situations. He originally joined FTI Consulting in Washington, D.C., and eventually moved back to his native Mexico City, founding the Strategic Communications practice in the country.

Mr. Zárate’s practice focuses on energy and industrials. During his time at FTI, he has provided strategic advice to senior teams within a broad range of companies, from leading Mexican groups to Fortune 100 companies. He has conceptualized and developed analysis, communications, and rapid response platforms for prominent trade associations and industries in Mexico, often acting as their chief spokesperson.

Pablo writes a weekly column at El Economista and is a regular contributor to Letras Libres. He has been member of editorial committees at leading outlets, like Reforma. His commentary is regularly featured by leading Mexican opinion shows, such as those led by Carlos Loret De Mola, Leo Zuckermann, Sergio Sarmiento, among others. In 2019, Mr. Zárate was named to the 100 most influential individuals in energy list, compiled by Líderes Mexicanos.

Before joining FTI Consulting, Pablo served as independent political consultant to candidates and governments at the state and municipal level in Mexico; as advisor and chief speechwriter to two Mexican cabinet agency heads, and as international advocacy fellow at Blue Star Strategies LLC, a public affairs boutique firm in Washington D.C.

Pablo holds an M.A. from the School of Media and Public Affairs at The George Washington University, a B.A. in Economics by the Instituto TecnolĂłgico AutĂłnomo de Mexico (ITAM), and a B.A. in Political Science, also by ITAM.


Jose Mauro Coelho

Jose Mauro Coelho

JosĂ© Mauro Ferreira Coelho  holds a degree in Industrial Chemistry, a Master’s Degree in Materials Engineering from the Military Institute of Engineering (IME) and a PhD in Energy Planning from the Energy Planning Program (PPE) of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ).

Career employee at Empresa de Pesquisa Energética (EPE) since 2007, where he held the positions of Deputy Superintendent of Petroleum, Deputy Superintendent of Natural Gas and Biofuels, Advisor to the Directorate of Petroleum, Gas and Biofuels Studies (DPG) and Director of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels Studies.

He has more than twenty-five years of professional experience, working in the oil, natural gas and biofuels sectors. He has also worked for several years in the undergraduate and graduate teaching area, with three books published and more than thirty scientific papers presented or published in journals or annals of national and international congresses.

He received the Correia Lima Award Medal awarded by the Brazilian Army, a Motion of Congratulations and Praise of the City Hall of Rio de Janeiro, the RENOVABIO Award: National Biofuels Plan granted by DATAGRO and the Tiradentes Medal granted by the Legislative Assembly of the State of Rio de Janeiro (ALERJ). In 2017 and 2018 it was elected one of the 100 most influential people in Energy by the Media Group.

He is currently the Secretary of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels of the Ministry of Mines and Energy of Brazil.

Seferino Yesquen

Seferino Yesquen

Seferino Yesquen is a Petroleum Engineer, with a Masters in Engineering Oil and Gas from the National University of Engineering. He also holds a Masters in Management and Administration EOI from the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences and a Diploma in Advanced Management Program for Executives in Oil and Gas Arizona – USA. Seferino Yesquen has 33 years of experience in management and operations of exploration and exploitation of oil and gas in fields of Peru, Argentina and Brazil. He has 18 of experience years in managerial and leadership positions in Perez Companc, PETROBRAS and China National Petroleum Corporation. He is a former manager of PETROBRAS in Reservoirs, Technical Support, Production Asset of Block X and Exploratory Asset of Block 58, and former consulting partner in Hidrocarburos Consulting. Seferino Yesquen has extensive experience in the development of projects for an increase of oil and gas reserves and production; strategic planning, reserves management and resources according to PRMS-SPE, exploration and production projects management. He currently acts as Chairman of the Board of PERUPETRO, state company of private law of the energy and mines sector, which is responsible, among other functions, to promote investment in exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons activities, as well as negotiation, execution and monitoring of license and service contracts for hydrocarbons.

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